Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, January 14, 1930
A Swing Along Athletic Row

No Love Here
Fall River and Hakoah fought savagely to a draw in New York on Sunday afternoon but McAuley, Fall River right back, scored a decisive victory over Neufeld, a Hakoah star, when he landed squarely on the chin and Mr. Neufeld went down for a long count. It all came about when the boys, a bit too free and vigorous in using their bodies, a style of play both teams are capable of, resented each other encroaching on what was deemed an exclusive right, and came to blows or something. For some time Mr. Neufeld lay horizontal on the mud-soaked pitch while riot seethed around him before the minions of the law took a hand and quelled the disturbance. A checkup of casualties disclosed that Mr. McGill, also of Fall River, apparently stopped the handle end of an umbrella with a gashed scalp. It is evident by the display of fistic pyrotechnics that the boys are not on very friendly terms. The game was a scoreless tie, the second draw contest for the Marksmen in two days.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club