The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, January 15, 1923
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Probably Just as Well
Paterson and Bethlehem soccer players who were slated for a return engagement in an American League contest at Paterson yesterday are probably not mourning over the fact that a young sized blizzard made hostilities impossible. Judging by the way the exponents of the booting game were booted around the steel field on Saturday afternoon quite a few of the entries spent yesterday nursing bruises. Referring to Saturday's tilt, the affair was anything but a ping tea affair and the usual crowd of loyals witnessed some spirited battling. Fists, feet, the ball and about everything in the steel enclosure flew and it was the blessed relief when Referee George Young tooted the final whistle.

Propose Players' Union for Soccer Exponents
In glancing across the exchanges it is noted in a batch of soccer notes that reference is made to a proposed project to organize soccer players into a union. The project is advanced it is said by Bob Millar, Neil Clark and Harry Ratican, all three former members of the Bethlehem Steel F. C. That the task of organizing is going to be a hard one and little hope is felt of success, is already apparent. It is intimated that the proposed union is merely an organization to take care of players when their playing days are over and hinted that such is the case with the players fostering the movement. And at that there seems to be something to that thought.

"Watch McGuire," Bethlehem F. C. Slogan
"Watch McGuire" was the slogan adopted by the Bethlehem F. C. when Paterson journeyed to this city on Saturday afternoon and as a result that gentleman was pretty well mussed up before the end of the tilt. However, this same Mr. McGuire, who happens to be one of the most dreaded forwards in the game, seemed to be very well able to care for himself and despite the many collisions in which he figured it is believed he handed out more than he received. Although he gained ill favor with the fans, it must be admitted that McGuire is one of the best players in the game and if possible would be a welcome acquisition to the Bethlehem club. Even the lukewarm fan was yelling his head off before the game was over. All of which goes to show that the occasional violation of soccer ethics sure has a tendency to stimulate interest among the spectators. A couple more games of the Saturday variety and the ball park should be packed up to capacity. The unfortunate feature is that so few fans have taken sufficient interest to make a trip out to the North end of the city to see a game. One visit would convince that soccer as played on Saturday is anything but a parlor game and the exponents must be a pretty rugged chap to take frequent spills on a frozen turf.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club