The Globe -- Bethlehem
Friday, January 16, 1920
Soccer Notes

The Bethlehem Steel soccer team is ready for the National League game against the Morse Dry Dock team at Bethlehem Steel field tomorrow and is in fit condition to last the full 90 minutes at any pace the visitors may set. The team that took the measure of the Robins can also be expected to be in first class shape so that endurance is expected to have little to do with the final result.

Several players on the Morse team will require special attention. The most prominent being Lynch at center. McGreavey at outside left and Lindsey at right fullback.

Lynch is one of the best center forwards in the game and Campbell will have his work cut out for him to hold the former Disston star. But no player is better able to do this than the Bethlehem captain.

McGreavey is regarded in the New York district as the best outside left in the game. He will certainly have to shine to satisfy the Bethlehem fans that he is better than Tommy Fleming.

The Bethlehem lineup will not be determined until 2:00 p.m. The game will start at 2:30.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club