The Globe -- Bethlehem
January 16, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Ample Precedent for New Competitions
That the U. S. F. A., will make an effort to kick a fuss concerning the plans for the cup competition in the American Soccer league is practically a foregone conclusion for this new series of games is sure to dim the interest in the U. S. F. A. However, it shouldn't for the interest in the latter could very easily be confined to the simon pures while the leagues establish a professional champion. No matter how much opposition is presented the league moguls have ample precedent for the new competition. The New York State League and the Metropolitan League which are under the same jurisdiction as the professionals -- the Southern New York Football Association -- have been conducting cup competitions for years similar to the one the American Soccer League proposes. This round of play will not infringe on cup ties of other organizations for it will be confined to its members exclusively. There is an element among the followers of the American Soccer League that likes a cup tie and it was to please it and to establish a bona fide Eastern representative to compete for the National championship that the officials decided to have a cup contest in addition to the regular league games. However, there is a feeling that the executives of the National Association will not view the mater in the same light and with one of the greatest sources of revenue cut off are quite apt to attempt to block the plans.

Handsome Trophy to be Awarded
Eliminating the name of the donor, the American Soccer League in its weekly letter calls attention to the trophy to be awarded to the winning team in the competition with the following:
"The elevens will ply for one of the handsomest trophies ever offered in the United States for a soccer competition. It will be donated by one of the best friends the game has in this country."
The trophy, of course, will be a perpetual affair, such as are offered in the majority of soccer competitions. Relative to the donor, we have no authoritative inkling as to who "the best friend of the game in this country" might be but at that would be willing to venture one guess.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club