The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, January 17, 1923
Lively Game on Steel Field Here Saturday is Looked For -- Visitors are Fast

Both Fall River and Bethlehem Steel teams are having special training sessions for the big clash at Bethlehem Steel Field on Saturday and neither team should have an advantage in the matter of condition.

A victory for Bethlehem will give them a point lead over Fall River, but a tie or a win for the latter will mean that Bethlehem will be still trailing behind. Fall River has scored many more gals than the Steel Workers and are therefore regarded as being more deadly in attack. However, they failed to penetrate the Bethlehem defense when they met in the opening game of the league series at Fall River on December 10th and they will find that defense stronger than ever when they meet on Saturday.

Harold Brittan, the Fall River ace, will be up against Carnihan, the latest addition to the Steel lineup and local fans confidently expect to see the great Brittan covered as he has never been before in this country. The inside men on the Fall River team are the equals of any in the game and they will be sure to take advantage of any openings that may come to them as the result of too much attention to Brittan.

Big Dan McNiven did not play in the game at Fall River, as he was suffering from injuries received in a previous game. However, he is now at the top of his form and the visiting defenders can expect an interesting afternoon. Dan is slowly creeping up in the League goal scoring table and his team mates expect him to wrest the goal scoring leadership from Brittan in the near future. The snow will be cleared from the field and everything possible will be done to make the game the feature of the year.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club