The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, January 18, 1926
Locals Have No Trouble Notching Scores in Losers' Bailiwick on Sunday

Bethlehem Steel F. C. qualified for the second round of the National Cup tie competition by defeating the Newark F. C. at the latter place on Sunday afternoon by the score of 5 to 1. The victory of the Steel Workers was decisive displaying far superior soccer to that of their opponents. From the time Johnny Jaap opened the scoring in the first half until the final whistle, the Steelmen were never really in danger, and the lone goal notched by Newark came in the closing minutes of play after the visitors had established a good lead.

2,000 Fans See Game

More than two thousand soccer fans turned out to witness the game. Field conditions were adverse to good soccer, being a soft and muddy at places and dotted here and there with icy patches. However, this condition was no deterrent to the aggressiveness of the Steelmen, who kept plugging hard until victory was assured and then relented somewhat in their tactics.

Jaap Scores in 6 Minutes

The game had gone only six minutes when Bethlehem forged to the front. A movement up the right wing, ending with Jaap taking the parting shot, was productive. This early success seemed to spur the Newark clan to greater effort for during the next few minutes they became the aggressors but found in Bill Allen and Joe Berryman a stonewall defense. Allen, in particular, played with the dash and spirit and characteristic of cup play and his defensive work was the most brilliant on the field.

Newark's spurt was short lived, and thereafter Bethlehem took the commanding position and for most of the remainder of the game had the home team on the defense. Goldie made it number two for the Steelmen when he eluded the backs and cutting in toward goal let fly a wicked drive which completely beat Oliphant. Half time ended with Bethlehem leading 2 to 0.

Score 3 in Second Half

For thirty minutes after the restart there was no scoring , and then Bethlehem piled them up thick and fast. Rollo headed in on a corner kick and was followed a short time later by Jaap. Rollo again broke away and let drive a shot that had Oliphant and in fact every other defensive man beaten but Marshal sensing the direction of the ball and the opportunity to score intercepted with his hands. The penalty was awarded and Rollo taking the kick easily outguessed the Newark goalie. Dickie scored after then for Newark.

Late in this half Whitey McDonald let drive a wicked kick for the goal. Marshall was in the bath of the ball and deflected it with his head. So hard had McDonald kicked that the Newark fullback was knocked unconscious for several minutes. The lineup:

Bethlehem Steel -- Newark
Carson -- G -- Oliphant
Berryman -- RFB -- Marshall
Allen -- LFB -- Sharp
MacDonald -- RHB -- Kirby
Raeside -- CHB -- Ogilvie
McGregor -- LHB -- Nicol
Jaap -- OR -- Dickie
Grange -- IR -- Brown
Stark -- CF -- McAttee
Rollo -- IL -- Fleming
Goldie -- OL -- Rafferty
Goals -- for Bethlehem: Rollo 2; Jaap 2; Goldie. For Newark, Dickie. Referee -- J. Gray. Linesmen -- G. Easton and R. Barclay. Time -- 45 minute halves.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club