The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, January 18, 1927
A Swing Along Athletic Row

The Socking Soccerites
The fine of $50 and indefinite suspension plastered on Lorimer, former Bethlehem Steel halfback, for socking a spectator during a New Bedford-Fall River game has apparently created no great terror to players in New England district. Fans had hardly quit talking about Lorimer's conduct when along comes Andy Stevens, center forward of the New Bedford club and one of the best scorers in the league, and takes a punch at referee White during the New Bedford-Phillie game last Saturday. Stevens is a playmate of Lorimer on the New Bedford team and likewise was suspended indefinitely. President Cunningham is having his hands full since taking the chair. The severe punishment he is meting out should be encouraged and backed up by every club in the circuit. If punching continues, one of these days there might be a free-for-all with players, spectators, cops and everybody involved. IF they want to fight, the Army isn't the worst place in the world. And lest they forget, Mr. Tex Rickard plays some fancy prices for leather pushing in the squared arena.

May Lose Their Club
Philly fans fail to rally to the support of the Quaker City soccer team. The management has just about been able to keep this club intact, but is said to be at wits end to continue this hand to mouth stuff much longer. It is said that if the Phils fail to bring out enough cash customers to show a profit of some sort in their next start, the franchise is going to take a ride. Trenton, N. J. is said to be after the franchise. Soccer can be played in Trenton on Sunday and with Newark a Jersey rival, the booting game should go big in the Jersey capital.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club