The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Thursday, January 18, 1929
Reputation Earned in Games Against Bethlehem Places Brown as Best Goalie

While opinion varies as to who are the best goalkeepers big league soccer in this country, John Brown, of the New York Giants, who will be seen between the uprights in the game against Bethlehem here on Saturday afternoon, has a host of admirers who concede him equal in merit to the best in either the Eastern Soccer League or the American Soccer loop.

At least Bethlehem fans will endorse any ranking of custodians in which John Brown figures at the top, for much of the reputation of the New York custodian was earned in games played against Bethlehem.

In contrast to the work of Brown in the game here will be that of Finneran, the new custodian signed by Bethlehem. Finneran, a giant in stature, standing over 6 feet tall and weighing more than 200 pounds, made his debut with the local booters against Newark last Saturday but that trial was hardly a fair test.

If Finneran is to be retained as a member of the club, and it is understood the management is very much impressed with his work, the game against the Giants will most assuredly decide his future.

Fortunately in meeting the Giants, the home club will be again at full war strength and the team to be played undoubtedly the strongest Bethlehem has sent into a game in the last two months. Soccer fans will welcome the return of the names of such veterans as Jaap, Gillespie, McGregor, Carnihan and others into the lineup.

Each team possesses a speedy, aggressive and dangerous shooting combination of forwards. Bethlehem will cope with the skill of the Giant forwards with Gillespie, Jaap, Stark, Massie and Rollo. The Giants will trust to Andy Stevens, the fiery petrel of big league soccer, "Red" Ballantyne, Davy Brown, Harrington and O'Brien.

And both teams have a defense capable of standing up under the aggressive offensive tactics of these two forward lines. Davy Brown will find his old nemesis, "Bill" Carnihan, in harness and in good condition to play and perhaps Davy won't go as strong as he usually does. The scoring prowess of the flashy little New Yorker is seemingly lost when engaged in conflict in which Bethlehem's veteran center half is playing.

Reid and McGregor round out the halfback trio with McKinney, Cameron and Herd, a trio of veterans, the opposition in the same positions. In announcing the tentative Bethlehem lineup some doubt was expressed for one of the back positions. Jock Marshall seems to be a certainty, but choice for the other position will be between Matt Wilson and Allan and will probably depend much on the ground conditions.

Weather conditions may be responsible for a slight delay in the starting time of the game. The Giants may take a train later than usual and in that event will not arrive in Bethlehem before 2:20 o'clock in the afternoon. However, any delay will be at the most fifteen minutes.

The probable lineup:

Bethlehem -- N. Y. Giants
Finneran -- G -- J. Brown
Marshall -- RFB -- Glover
Allan or Wilson -- LFB -- Moorehouse
Reid -- RHB -- Cameron
Carnihan -- CHB -- Herd
McGregor -- LHB -- McKinney
Gillespie -- OR -- Harrington
Jaap -- IR -- Ballantyne
Stark -- CF -- Stevens
Massie -- IL -- O'Brien
Rollo -- OL -- D. Brown
Referee: Howley, of Philadelphia.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club