The Globe -- Bethlehem
Friday, January 19, 1923
Considerable Interest Displayed in Game as it Means First Place

The big clash at the Steel field tomorrow between Fall River and Bethlehem Steel is creating more interest in soccer circles than any game played to date. The league leadership is at state and a real battle is assured. The visitors will strive to maintain their position at the top of the table, and the Steel Workers will be out to get the victory that will reverse positions. It is generally admitted around the circuit that the local representatives are the most scientific team in the league, but they seem to lack the finishing touch that is the most essential part of the game. Elaborate football is good to look at but in the final analysis goals are the things that count. However, the Steel Workers are generally getting away from the style of play they love so well and the victory gained last Saturday at the expense of Paterson had a great moral effect on all the players and Fall River, with its galaxy of stars, will know they are in a game from the first whistle.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club