The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Friday, January 21, 1921
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Bethlehem's Last Chance to Retrieve
Will Bethlehem F. C. be able to retrieve the soccer honors lost to the Robins Dry Dock eleven when the Brooklyn delegation of kickers comes here for a National League tilt tomorrow afternoon? This question is uppermost in the minds of all soccer enthusiasts and with Robins recognized as the foremost contender for the National soccer honors, the turnstiles at the Bethlehem Steel athletic field should enjoy a busy day. There is little said in the camp of the Steel Workers. The players have gone through their routine of daily workouts this week in a diligent, determined manner and apparently by their quiet attitude fully realize the importance of the clash. Dual battles between players of the opposing elevens promise to be the thrilling feature of the contest. In these individual settos fans will probably center their attention on the clash between Campbell, Bethlehem's captain, and Neil Clark, the former Bethlehem player, who in the eyes of many critics has gained favor as surpassing Campbell in form, the latter long recognized as the peer of center halfbacks in the country. On their previous visit in an American Cup game, the playing of these two backs was the outstanding feature and as a result of the grueling struggle for supremacy, Campbell was slightly indisposed for several days when he sported a badly discolored optic. Following the game, prophets, and some prominent ones there were that witnessed the game, were loud in their praise of the work of Clark. This little setto promises to be only one of the many brilliant sidelights that are sure to crop up during the course of battle. Should Harry Ratican play in his regular position at center forward, the Robins will present a team even stronger than the one that appeared here on the previous occasion. Harry, also a former Bethlehemites, was benched in the game because of a leg injury and McGuire, the king pin of all Robins' aggressive moves, was shifted from his regular position on a wing to the berth made vacant by the absence of Ratican. Back in his regular position it is feared he can inflict more damage than he did when filling a position to which he was unaccustomed. Bethlehem will also probably present a more balanced team with Jimmy Wilson again included in the lineup. Judging by his display in recent games, Wilson had trouble rounding into form but apparently has now struck his regular stride. It will be remembered that Wilson continued with the baseball team until the final game and when he did turn to soccer his teammates were already traveling at high speed. During the period of training Wilson had trouble in carrying this pace. With Bethlehem and Robins both at their best, fans should be treated to the greatest game of the season.

Severe Test for Joe Morrison
Against Babcock & Wilcox and the New York F. C., Joe Morrison, a local product and new acquisition to the Bethlehem team, looked like a million dollars and his friends predicted a brilliant career for the local lot protégé with his debut into fast company. Joe showed about everything expected of a high class soccer player and as a result gained great prestige with the club management. Against the Robins he will be given a real test and on his display no doubt depends his future retention as a regular with the Steel Workers. Against the Robins he will match his ability as a soccer player with the best balanced team in the country, a team composed not of old-time veterans, but an aggregation of players that are thoroughly versed and experienced in every detail of the play. There was quite some speculation during the week as to the choice between Morrison and Joe Satterwaite and the selection seems to rest with Morrison. This is gleaned from gossip heard among the players relative to the lineup, which apparently has been definitely decided by the management.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club