The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, January 21, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Falling Down on the Job
Again the American Soccer League executives are the target of criticism and, as usual, it is well merited. With prospects of fairly favorable weather over the weekend, and knowing the severe conditions are most certainly to follow in the stormy months of February and March, a number of American League clubs will be completely idle over the weekend. It is a condition which midway in the season should not be tolerated. Bethlehem Steel is one of the clubs that will have to remain idle and it has been only in recent games that the Steelmen have displayed championship form. Continued activity is necessary to keep the players on edge. The Steelmen were scheduled to meet Brooklyn here on Saturday, but since the Wanderers drew with Indiana Flooring in the first round of the National Challenge Cup, and since cup tie competitions get preference, Brooklyn was erased from the Bethlehem schedule for the time being. However, there are other clubs that were similarly affected by the two draw games played in the first round, which in addition to the two clubs mentioned, also involves Philadelphia. Surely, the scheduled league opponents of one of these could well have been arranged for a game against Bethlehem. It was with this in mind that the Steel management had representation in New York this week in hopes of securing a game, but to no avail. It would be well if the league had live wire executives such as guide the destinies of our major league baseball. Soccer is too big a business these days to be trifled with and be governed by loose management.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club