The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Friday, January 21, 1927
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Looks Tough For the Phillies
This hand-to-mouth existence is enough to turn the hair gray. And that has practically been the existence of the Philadelphia Soccer Club all through this season. The shekels have failed to roll in at the game as liberally as hoped for and as a result the backers don't know whether they will have a club from one week to another. Thus far the management has succeeded in carrying on, living in hopes that the worm just turn and they are also determined to save the American Soccer League franchise in Philadelphia. At a recent meeting of the league moguls the management extended the time until the end of February to meet past and current obligations, failing which its franchise will be forfeited. The Phillies have had a hard road to travel and the severe weather to be expected between now and the time limit will hardly make it easier. It looks as though the Phils will lose their franchise and that a Jersey city will grab the club.

Two Cities in the Market
Paterson and Trenton, both thriving New Jersey towns and chuck full of soccer enthusiasts, are said to be clamoring for a soccer league berth. In fact, Paterson has made application for the Springfield franchise and is being considered. Trenton, too, looms up as a good league prospect, with the Philadelphia franchise in view. Should the Jersey cities get the franchise it would make more compact the Metropolitan-Jersey-Pennsylvania district and undoubtedly inspire greater interest, particularly in the Jersey section. Jersey would then boast of three clubs in the league of which Newark would be the granddaddy. Relative to this Newark club, the latter have not had a winning team in years, but still the sport is supported. To show that the Jersey district would be a good soccer section one has but to refer back to the days when games were played at Harrison, N. J., and make note of the attendances of some of those games.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club