The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Monday, January 21, 1929
Local Booters Launch Second half Season Winning Brace of Games

Bethlehem soccer team got away to a flying start in the second half of the Eastern Soccer League season, defeating the no less formidable opponent and rival than the New York Giants in the brace of games played over the weekend.

Turning back the Giants on the home field here on Saturday afternoon by the score of 3 to 1, the Bethlehem booters traveled to New York on Sunday and annexed the second victory of the series by the score of 4 to 2. Both games were desperately fought as is usually the case when these two rivals meet.

The game played in New York was not without its toll for the team returned with Finneran, its new goalie, severely injured as a result of a clash with Bob Millar in front of goal. Finneran was injured about the ribs and forced to retire, Matt Wilson taking his place in goal and Allan substituting for Wilson at fullback. While no serious developments are expected it is hardly likely that the big goalie will be able to be back into service for a week or more.

Sparkling combination, spectacular goal shooting and brilliant defense were features in the most thrilling soccer game this season witnessed by a big and enthusiastic crowd on Lehigh field on Saturday afternoon and by which Bethlehem inaugurated its second half of the Eastern Soccer League schedule with a well-earned victory over their heated rivals, the New York Giants. The final score was 3 to 1.

While Finneran aided materially by his playmates on the defense contributed to the victory of the Bethlehem team, the goal scoring of Archie Stark, notching all three points for Bethlehem, was by far the most spectacular display of the Bethlehem center this season. Thoroughly at home in the heavy going on a slippery and muddy field, Stark played as through possessed and injected every ounce of his stamina and ability into his playing. He was an aggressive charging Stark who made the most of every opportunity.

John Brown, the New York custodian, who more than once has proven a concrete barrier to the goal scoring efforts of the Bethlehem forwards, easily fell victim of Stark's prowess on each of the three goals scored. Apparently Brown underestimated the speed of the dashing Stark for on every goal notched the visitors' custodian left his goal when Stark broke through and was beaten to the ball. And on two of the three goals scored by Bethlehem, little Johnny Rollo, playing the left wing forward, drove across beautiful centers.

The visitors' defense was on the run from the start and after three minutes of play the ball was in the net for Bethlehem. Rollo centered beautifully close to the goal mouth with Stark going through and beat Brown with his shot.

This early success spurred the visitors on to greater effort and assuming the offensive Millar was free when Marshall in frustrating a scoring effort was forced to concede a corner. Again the Giants broke away and Ballantyne sent in a stinging drive close to the net. Finneran made a great save but was unable to hold the ball. Before he could recover his position Andy Stevens came dashing in and equalized the count.

Fifteen minutes after the start Bethlehem broke the deadlock when Rollo again neatly tricked the defense and took the ball down the field. Another perfect center brought Brown out of his goal, but again Stark beat him to it, flicking it into the net an instant before Brown got his hands on the ball. Both teams played hard for the remainder of the game in which clever combination and sparkling defensive work presented many thrills.

Although Bethlehem scored two goals to the visitors' one in the first half the teams shared the honors insofar as the run of play was concerned. But in the second half the local booters were the better. Early in the final forty-five minutes of play Stark notched the third and final goal for his team, scoring on a pass from Massie.

Bethlehem Steel -- N. Y. Giants
Finneran -- G -- John Brown
Marshall -- RFB -- Glover
Allan -- LFB - -Moorehouse
Reid -- RHB -- Hogg
Carnihan -- CHB -- Herd
MacGregor -- LHB -- McKinney
Gillespie -- OR -- Carroll
Jaap -- IR -- Ballantyne
Stark -- CF -- Stevens
Massie -- IL -- O'Brien
Rollo -- OL -- Millar
Goals: Stark 3, Stevens 1. Referee: J. Howley, Philadelphia. Linesmen: Horace Williams and J. Harry Carpenter. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Make it Two Straight

Playing on a field ankle deep in mud but in spite of the heavy going engaging in a rousing battle, Bethlehem renewed the feud which started here on Saturday by handing the Giants the second straight defeat. Johnny Rollo and Tommy Gillespie registered the winning goals after the teams went into the second half with the count deadlocked.

The Giants went off with a mad rush and jumped into an early lead when Findlay met a great center from Bob Millar and with his head and nodded the ball into the net after only one minute had gone. Bethlehem answered this reverse with a stinging attack, Stark heading into Brown's waiting hands.

Continuing to press hard the Steel Workers tied up the score at twenty minutes when Massie drove in a high one which entered the rigging just under the crossbar. Millar and Marshall collided heavily and the Bethlehem defender was knocked cold, but resumed play after receiving the attention of the trainer.

George Moorehouse was a tower of strength in meeting Bethlehem's rushes until Stark slipped through and put the Steelmen in front with a great shot. But the Giants were not long catching up, Andy Stevens going right through on his own to make the count even at 2 to 2.

Bethlehem played harder than ever to regain the lead, getting three corners in quick succession, but all were cleared. During a desperate raid by the New Yorkers, Millar accidentally kicked Finneran in the ribs and the goalie was carried off, Wilson going between the uprights and Allan entering the game as Marshall's partner. At half time the teams were still deadlocked.

Five minutes after resuming Rollo put Bethlehem ahead from a mix-up in the goal mouth and Gillespie made the score 4 to 2 soon afterwards.

The Giants then uncorked everything they had to reduce the lead and while the Steelworkers' goal had many close shaves, Matt Wilson could not be beaten. In the closing minutes the New Yorkers hurled themselves at the ironclad defense of Bethlehem, but it could not be beaten down. The lineup:

Bethlehem -- N. Y. Giants
Finneran -- G -- John Brown
Marshall -- RFB -- Glover
Wilson -- LFB - -Moorehouse
Reid -- RHB -- Cameron
Carnihan -- CHB -- Herd
MacGregor -- LHB -- McKinney
Gillespie -- OR -- Findlay
Malloy -- IR -- Ballantyne
Stevens -- CF -- Stark
Massie -- IL -- O'Brien
Rollo -- OL -- Millar
Goals: Massie, Stark, Rollo, Gillespie, Findlay, Stevens. Substitutions: Allan for Finneran, Brown for Findlay, Harrington for Millar. Referee: C. E. Creighton. Linesmen: J. Masterson and T. Davidson. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club