The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, January 22, 1929
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Soccer Strive
The manner in which the situation will be handled by the warring factions in soccer if a reconciliation is effected as intimated is creating quite a variance of opinions among the booting patrons. However, consensus indicates that the U. S. F. A. will impose drastic regulations before conceding to any overtures to reinstate the outlawed league and clubs into good standing. The U. S. F. A., it is said, is all fed up with this attitude of discontent which had been smoldering for years and then climaxed by the rift in the ranks which now exists. The break was inevitable and now that it has occurred the thing to do is to devise ways and means that will inspire second thought before a similar recurring action is taken . For once, harmony is established a continuance of good feeling and amicable relationship is vitally essential to the development and interest of the sport.

Each Individual Club
Suspension by the U. S. F. A., were many and in outlawing the American Soccer League a similar sentence was imposed on each individual club. Therefor if status is to be restored, it is most certain the National body will ignore all suggestions to reinstate the league as a whole, but will treat individually with each club, players, managers, etc. This may not be entirely in accord with the hopes of that outlawed organization but then what favors should be expected by an organization that bolted the ranks and instituted a policy in direct contrast and against the interest of the parent body.

Jumping Players
With all this rumor of a settlement players who jumped the clubs associated with the U. S. F. A. are undoubtedly having plenty to think of these days. Such players can expect the extreme penalty in fines and suspensions and that outlook is not very encouraging. It is true that these players signed lucrative contracts but what will the contracts amount to if the clubs apply and are reinstated? Insofar as local players who jumped the Bethlehem team are concerned, the management is emphatic that under no circumstances could they return and play with the team.

Two Divisions
Another suggestion that will probably be considered if a settlement is reached and quite likely to materialize is to divide professional soccer in the East into two divisions. Have a division exclusively for the New England clubs and a Metropolitan division. The experiment of the Eastern Soccer League is proving very successful and already has disclosed that vast sums are saved by the respective clubs in traveling expenses and guarantees due to the short jumps. A Metropolitan division to include clubs like the New York Giants, Bethlehem, New York Nationals, Brooklyn Wanderers, Hakoah All-Stars, Philadelphia, Newark, and possibly Baltimore should prove quite attractive to soccer followers. But perhaps not very attractive to the New England magnates with their best drawing cards cut off the list.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club