The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, January 25, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Steelmen Tripped in Phillie Battle
Soccer enthusiasts who are keenly interested in the fortunes of the Bethlehem Steel F. C. are not taking any too seriously the setback at the hands of Wolfenden-Shore in the exhibition game in Philadelphia Sunday afternoon. True, the overwhelming defeat was quite unexpected, but then there were circumstances which, however, not detracting from the brilliancy of the conquerors, played an important role in the Steelmen's setback. Bethlehem played under wraps from the start to the finish, with Wolfenden-Shore giving their all and taking all chances in their hopes to upset the Steel Workers. Bethlehem could ill afford to take any undue chances, with Fall River here next Saturday and the second round cup game to follow in Philadelphia a week later. It was the first time the Steelmen were defeated in Philadelphia in almost ten years.

Forced to Play Under Wraps
The Steel Workers wisely elected their course for the exhibition game, realizing what injuries could inflict on the team. The league race and cup competitions are now at the stage where every team must be at its best if it aspires to honors. This listens more or less like an alibi, and will be accepted by many as such. The fact, however, that Archie Stark, Bob MacGregor, Bill Carnihan and Johnny Granger were on the retired list for the exhibition tilt Sunday is strongly indicative that the management has the future games in mind and sought the exhibition game merely to keep the players active. However, it is just as readily admitted that the Steelmen expected victory and thought it could be accomplished with a rearranged lineup and in playing under wraps. Wolfenden-Shore surprised with the brilliant style of soccer played and was triumphant in a well merited victory.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club