The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, January 26, 1927
A Swing Along Athletic Row

The Creeping Bostonians
Slow but sure Boston seems to be whittling down Bethlehem’s lead in the American Soccer League race, but that there is no immediate reason for concern is shown by an analysis of the schedule. Bethlehem has practically faced the brunt of the toughest going, having played more games away from home than any of the others clubs. However, it is not the other clubs that are causing the concern but the fast traveling Hubmen. Boston has yet to hit the road for a grueling grind, which will bring the league contenders to Bethlehem for a game and incidentally Bethlehem will then visit the Hub for a league encounter. The lead Bethlehem has established is probably safe, providing the team continues at the constant pace characteristic of the campaigning all season. To soccer patrons who are just the least bit concerned in Boston’s dizzy rampage for the league bunting, it might be of interest to know that of the games remaining Bethlehem has eight home affairs and five away. Probably one of the five will be transferred to Bethlehem. Boston on the other hand has five at home and eight away, and after all, playing away from home means something. Bethlehem has few more invasions to make into the New England states, being booked there for single games with Providence, New Bedford, Boston, and Coats. The lead looks save enough at this time.

A Wonderful Machine
Soccer fans usually get a kick out of what others have to say about the home team. In scanning a current issue of the Fall River Herald-News, with comments on the Fall River-Bethlehem game last Sunday, C. T. Reynolds, soccer expert, types a paragraph that should be very pleasing to local enthusiasts but hardly to Fall River fans, the Marksmen and the highly touted talent comprising the Fall River aggregation. “There is one thing certain,” writes Reynolds, “in the minds of the Fall River fans today. That is, Bethlehem is a wonderful football machine. Every man is a star in his respective position and the combination is a sweet one to watch in action, when it has the ball in its possession. While we look upon our own Marksmen as a topnotch aggregation, nevertheless, one must admit the Steelworkers are a great side and it is little to be wondered after seeing them in action, that they are at the top of the American League with a commanding standing.” So much for that. But Reynolds is not through extolling praise. This is what he has to say of the celebrated veteran halfback line: “Carnihan has been a tower of strength at the pivot berth for the past three seasons and looks just as good as ever.” Commenting on the halfback line, intact with MacGregor and McDonald, he says: “The combination used against Fall River appeared to be about as near perfection as the Steel club can get together.” Such glowing comments coming from the heated rival camp of Fall River surely should make Bethlehem followers and the city in general swell with pride. Ranking the home club as the best in the country is to be expected by home fans, but when the same tribute is doled out in rival territory, that’s another thing. Keep up the good work, Bethlehem.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club