The Globe -- Bethlehem
Saturday, January 27, 1923
Steel Soccer Team is Asked to Pay Visit to that Country

The international popularity of the Bethlehem F. C. was again attested this morning when the management of the club received a cablegram from Buenos Aires, inviting the team to compete in South America in the later part of next July. This invitation was received regardless of the standing of the club in the two cup classics.

Although the matter is under consideration, it is hardly probable that the Bethlehem will accept the invitation. One of the reasons advanced for the latter conclusion is the time consumed in traveling to and from South America.

In the event that the invitation is turned down, it is probable that the invitation will be turned over to the care of Thomas W. Cahill with the suggestion that either the National Cup winner or the winner of the American League pennant negotiate for the trip.

Several years ago Bethlehem started on a journey to South American [...] the tour [...] halted after all the players were already on shipboard.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club