The Globe -- Bethlehem
January 27, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Jamming American League Soccer Schedule
Up until the first fall of snow rapid progress was made in disposing of the American Soccer League games and when the "beautiful," as our Danny Kratzer, Jr., calls it, fell the schedule was up-to-date. However, since then matter have jammed considerably and unless more interest is taken in placing the field in playing condition, the schedule will extend far into spring or possible some games will not be played at all. Places where apparently the attitude assumed is that of "let the fellow who put it there take it away" are more particularly in Newark, the oval and home of the New York Giants and Indiana Flooring Club in New York and the Philadelphia grounds where Fleisher Yarn and the Philadelphia F. C. play their games. Bethlehem has been the only club in this district to remove the snow and put the field in playing condition and have been forced to cancel but one game. It is a rather expensive proposition, we admit, but if other clubs undertake the assignment we cannot see why similar activities should not be just as pronounced in the other districts.

Brooklyn "Wonder Team," and Not Hubmen
At the start of the season the strong Boston F. C. was christened the "Wonder Team" of the American Soccer League but we wonder now if the title was not a bit misplaced. In our opinion, the sobriquet might be more fitting if applied to the Brooklyn club since the Christmas holidays. Reinforced with some new talent headed by the veteran "Jock" Marshall, one of the greatest backs in the country, Brooklyn has really proven the sensation of the league on and since its trip to the St. Louis district. Winning the two exhibition games in St. Louis, the Wanderers came back home and resumed league campaigning with a strong of 10 games without a defeat and dropped the first since then to the rejuvenated New Bedford club in a cup game played in Brooklyn on Sunday afternoon. Brooklyn was all over New Bedford but in the opinion of many fans it was one of those games in which the better team did not win. New Bedford registered two goals, one a penalty kick and the other scored by Marshall, of the opposing team, when in attempting to clear he placed the ball in his own net. In justice to New Bedford, however, it must be remembered that Brooklyn's only goal came as the result of a penalty. Funny games, these cup competitions.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club