The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Thursday, January 27, 1927
A Swing Along Athletic Row

A Defensive Team
Statistics submitted by the American Soccer League disclose the strength of the defense of the Bethlehem soccer team. Bethlehem is not the highest scoring club in the circuit but the contrast with other clubs defensively ranks the club as the strongest in this department. With thirty games played the average of goals scored against is less than a goal per game. But twenty-six goals have been scored against the champions and that total speaks volumes, of the defensive strength of the team. Boston ranks next to Bethlehem with thirty-eight goals against. New Bedford and the New York Giants stand high as the goal scoring clubs. The former with 97 and the latter with 83. However, some players believe in fattening their averages no matter how secure a victory might be and Bethlehem could never be accused of doing that. Only recently New Bedford hung up a new high scoring record with a 14 to 0 victory over Philadelphia. The aim apparently was to fatten averages for Mr. Stevens of the Whalers was giving Davy Brown a hot chase for the honors. But also Mr. Stevensí ambitions to soar to the top as the big noise in goal scoring is crushed, for the same Mr. Stevens took a punch at a referee and for this display of fisticuffs was set down for an indefinite suspension. Quite recently we heard Mr. Stevens paid a special visit to Prez Cunningham in hopes of having his suspension lifted. Very sorry and all that, said Mr. Cunningham, but the prize ring and not the soccer pitch is the place for punching and we must set an example. And thatís that. Mr. Stevens is no longer the chief threat to disrobe Mr. Brown of the high scoring honors.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club