The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Monday, January 28, 1929
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Forced Idleness
While soccer fans were probably disappointed at the forced idleness of the Bethlehem team over the weekend, the respite undoubtedly welcomed by the players, several of whom were in dire need of a rest. An ice coated field forced the postponement of the Eastern Soccer League game scheduled for this city on Saturday and shortly before the team was ready to depart for New York to meet Hispano on Sunday, telephone advices prompted by the icy conditions of the New York loam postponed the trip until a later date. With the first round of the national challenge cup tie to be played next Sunday, the two days of rest did the local players plenty of good.

The Cantons, of Baltimore
Although dopesters are eliminating all contenders in predicting that the cup tie laurels will be an issue between Bethlehem, New York Giants and Hakoah All-Stars, this is a competition in which no chances can be taken for one defeat means elimination. On paper the three clubs mentioned are without a doubt the strongest of the eastern contenders but other clubs have performed so brilliantly of recent date that some of these recognized weaker opponents cannot be toyed with. Hakoah All-Stars suffered the brunt of the unexpected reversal of form in providing the major upset in the Eastern Soccer League campaigning this season. The Rangers walloped the crack Jewish organization and yesterday the Hungarian F. C., a newcomer to the league, surprised by holding the crack All-Star combination to a 2-2 draw. Bethlehem's first round opponent will be the Cantons of Baltimore, a team ace high in soccer in the Maryland metropolis but one lacking the experience of the veteran Bethlehem machine. At full war strength Bethlehem should quite easily advance to the second round.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club