The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Monday, January 31, 1921
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Morrison and Brittan a Select Pair
The sudden reversal of form upward displayed by the Bethlehem Steel soccer team since the game in which they were eliminated in the American Cup competition by the Robins Dry Dock is the subject of much talk among the leading prophets. Since that game the team has displayed a brand of soccer characteristic of its championship stride and not a game has been lost, including a victory over the Robins in a National League game. The comparison of scores has also left these dopesters in a quandary and while in actual conflict the team was eliminated in the two big classics, by virtue of the comparison of scores, the eleven nevertheless now ranks as the foremost soccer aggregation in the country. The rounding into form of Harold Brittan, the Chelsea center forward, and the acquisition of Joe Morrison, the home product, are credited as being responsible for the new lease of life taken on by the veteran Bethlehemites. Commenting on the team, Levi Wilcox says:

"Bethlehem seems to have regained its form of other years when it was winning championships and defeating its opponents in many cases without even extending its piston rod. Since that memorable defeat in the American Cup competition by Robins Dry Dock, Bethlehem appears to have taken on a new lease of life. Not a match has been lost since Robins lowered the Up-Staters' colors. Unless there is a decided slump in the showing of the Bethlehem team in the remaining games it should win the championship of the National League for the second consecutive season. The Up-Staters, with their re-arranged lineup, still have the punch, and what is more, the veterans are playing at the top of their form. The inclusion of Young Morrison, a Bethlehem product of the Blue Mountain League, seems to have solved the whole situation. Morrison not only has speeded up the right wing, but he has also proved a capable partner to Harold Brittan the former Chelsea center forward, who has already proved to be a sensation. He is credited with being the best forward ever seen in this country.

What if Rumors are True?

During the last several weeks rumors concerning certain players of the Bethlehem Steel team and the club in general have been flying thick and fast, but apparently without little foundation. Only last week it was reported that Harold Brittan was offered $15,000 to return to the Chelsea club in the English League, which although not confirmed, it was stated that effort was being made to lure him back across the pond. The latest gossip to reach the ears of the soccer fans is that the management realizes that youth and speed are essential to again build up the once wonderful soccer machine and that the defeats in the cup classics the past two years are spurring them to action. If this rumor is true, a number of the old-timers are apparently slated to cease their activities and many new faces will be included in the lineup of the club to represent the Steel Workers next year. The sting of defeat in the cup classics has been bitter and it is said that no less than half a dozen promising young players will shortly attach their "John Hancock" to a Bethlehem contract. While the true of these rumors can only be conjectured, nevertheless, it will give the soccer fans something to do in speculating on which veterans will be dropped.

Introducing a Newcomer on Saturday
"Who is Kerr?" was a frequent expression heard among the few soccer devotees who gathered on the Bethlehem Steel field on Saturday to see the Steel Workers overwhelm Disston. While to many this individual was known, there were just as many who were ignorant of the fact that he was a member of the team. Sizing up the visitors as being hardly likely to test the Steel Workers, Kerr was given an opportunity to display his ability before a hometown crowd but unfortunately the attack of the visitors was so miserable that there would hardly have been any difference in the score if the goal had been left unprotected. One chance was all that Kerr received and that was a directed shot which he easily saved. While it was Kerr's first home appearance, it was not his first appearance with the team. It is understood that he hails from Scotland and has been a member of the Bethlehem club several months. His first game in a Bethlehem uniform was several months ago in an exhibition contest. During the day he labors over a drafting table in the offices of the Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corporation. It might not be amiss if some of these new players were introduced to the fans and at least a bit of their pedigrees handed out before they appear in the lineup. Every little bit helps to stimulate interest.

More Food for Thought
A couple of weeks back the New York F. C. came here to be smothered under a score of something line 10 to 0 in a one-sided game and in no way did the visitors size up as the equal of the Steel Workers. However, yesterday in meeting Robins Dry Dock on Todd Field, the home of the Brooklyn aggregation, the Gotham booters proved the equal of the Robins. In a spirited game, a deadlock up to the closing minute of play, the New Yorkers were defeated by a one-goal margin, the contest ending 3 to 2, in favor of the Robins. Harry Ratican made his return to the game after an absence of several weeks. The result of this game serves to add more mystery to the defeat of the Steel Workers in the American Cup game with the Robins.

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