The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Monday, January 31, 1921
Bethlehem Steel Soccer Eleven Runs Rough Shod Over Philadelphians in League Game

by Fred S. Nonnemacher
The Disston F. C. was the victim of a vicious Bethlehem assault on the Steel athletic field on Saturday afternoon when the Philadelphia Sawmakers succumbed to an overwhelming defeat, 9 goals to 0.

Gamely the Disston payers tried to cope with the skill and strength of the Steel Workers' and during the greater part of the first half appeared to be successful in their determination. But for this effort the visitors paid dearly in the final period when every semblance of a defense was wrecked.

Bethlehem players, however, did not along shine, despite the fact that during most of the playing time they monopolized the ball. The visitors had included in their clan luminaries of high caliber whose individual efforts in more than one instance prevented an additional score. Jack Ness, the visitors' goal keeper, was the star performer of the day and even though Bethlehem piled up a total of nine goals, his work as custodian ranked with the best witnessed on the steel field this season. Bobby Morrison was also a tower of strength to the visitors' defense, particularly so before he succumbed to the effects of the fast pace he was forced to carry and especially did he worry the fleet footed Fleming, whose left footed drives were few and far between. Binnis at center half and Bingham, the outside right, were a pair of Penn players recently signed with the Sawmakers' and although they showed promising possibilities they were playing out of their class when they opposed Bethlehem.

Lindy Kerr, a former Scottish League player, who during the day is occupied at a drafting table at the Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corp., made his initial appearance in Bethlehem as a Steel Worker. Kerr, a member of the team several months and who on a previous occasion was given an opportunity to guard the net in an exhibition game, was played in goal instead of Duncan. Just how good or bad he is certainly was not ascertained in the game for only once was he called upon to save from a direct shot and that was an easy drive coming directly at him from long range. Several other changes were noticed in the Bethlehem lineup, Sam Fletcher playing a fullback instead of Jimmy Wilson and Jimmy Murphy at a wing position instead of Jimmy Wilson, the forward.

Disston came out on the field with only ten men, being minus the services of a left fullback. The absence of this player proved to be to the disadvantage of Disston. It nevertheless also had a similar effect on Bethlehem for the Steel Workers were often checked in their attack by being pulled up for offsides.

Joe Morrison was the first to test the visitors' goal when he directed a sharp drive to the corner of the net on which Ness made a pretty save. A short time later Jimmy Murphy shot over the bar. No more opportunities came to score until after eight minutes of play when Ness came out of goal to clear in a scrimmage in front of the net, Morrison beat him to the ball and scored.

Bethlehem continued to attack but the Disston defense outdid themselves in averting further scoring, even though the forwards monopolized the ball for the greater part of the period in the vicinity of the Disston net, it was thirty-eight minutes after play started that Bethlehem managed to again penetrate the Disston defense. This score was made by Brittan with a high drive into the corner of the net on a pass from Fleming.

Ness earned the plaudits of the few fans a short time later when from close range he was felled by a terrific drive from the boot of Joe Morrison, but even though he was on the ground with Bethlehem forwards pressing hard he managed to clear. The third tally came with one more minute to go when Forrest scored from in front of the net.

The final period was anything but a repetition of the first half. In this session the visitors' defense was sadly lacking and before the final whistle, Bethlehem added six more goals, making a total of nine.

Brittan enjoyed a field day, scoring five of the nine goals. The other four were divided equally between Morrison and Forrest. All the Steel Workers played like a unit with probably special mention deserving Harold Brittan, Bethune, Joe Morrison, Jimmy Murphy and Campbell. The lineup:

Bethlehem Disston
Kerr G -- Ness
Fletcher RFB Bobby Morrison
Ferguson LFB --
Bethune RHB White
Campbell CHB Binns
Murray LHB Henry
Murphy OR Bingham
Joe Morrison IR Fleming
Brittan CF Marnien
Forrest IL Mossock
Fleming OL McEwen
Goals Brittan, 5; Morrison, 2; Forrest, 2. Referee Watson, Philadelphia. Linesmen R. Morrison, Bethlehem; Reagan, Disston.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club