The Globe -- Bethlehem
January 31, 1928
A Swing Along Athletic Row

An Idle Threat
Nat Agar, manager and owner of the Brooklyn Wanderers, so the writer is told, threatened to forfeit the second round National cup tie game to be replayed in Bethlehem, in the Bethlehem Steel dressing room immediately after the game on Sunday. Bowled out of the Lewis cup competition and prospects not very favorable for surviving the National, apparently worked on the emotions of the enterprising Brooklyn magnate to such an extend that he was hardly accountable for his attitude immediately after the two-hour battle, which ended in a one-goal draw. Since thinking the matter over, it is quite possible, Mr. Agar regrets the boast he made in haste, and if the cup committee orders the replay in Bethlehem, Mr. Agar and his tribe of Wanderers will invade the Steel City quite meekly.

No Alternative
There is no alternative in playing the game anywhere else but in Bethlehem. The rules governing cup tie say that much. Bethlehem, of course, could waive its right to play at home, but soccer in Bethlehem is not the purely commercial proposition it might be in other cities. "Not for a million dollars would we play the game anywhere else but in Bethlehem," is the statement of the management and those words are no idle chirping. The appreciation of this attitude, as a recognition of the loyalty of the six or seven hundred soccer fans who turn out to witness the game here, it would be quite pleasing if sportsmen responded en masse. Nat Agar says the game won't draw expenses. It is hoped that the Brooklyn seer is forced to change his tune before he leaves Bethlehem.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club