The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, February 1, 1923
Strong Metropolitan Soccer Aggregation Will Furnish Entertainment Here on Saturday

The New York F. C., with the same lineup which eliminated the Bethlehem F. C. in the National Cup competition, will furnish one-half of the entertainment to be served the soccer fans on the Steel Field on Saturday afternoon. The other half will be provided by the Bethlehem F. C., a clan of players who are out to avenge the most bitter defeat of the season.

In spite of the fact that t he game with Philadelphia F. C. had to be canceled last Saturday, the Bethlehem club is still leading in the American League. However, the margin of points is so close that a defeat at the hands of the New Yorkers is most certain to set the home clan back as runner-up in the standing.

By defeating Fall River and ousting the "down easters" out of the league leadership, the Bethlehems scored their most signal success so far which can be surpassed only by a victory over the New Yorkers. It might be of interest to know that in eliminating Bethlehem from the National Cup competition, the New York team by scoring four goals, tallied as many goals as the combined score of any other two rivals facing Bethlehem this season.

Featuring Saturday's game will be the one change to be made in the lineup. This change will introduce Tom Maxwell, one of the greatest forwards in the world. The week's respite before making his appearance has given the visitor an excellent opportunity to study the style of the Bethlehem players and his inclusion to the forward line should add materially in scoring goals.

Barring another blizzard before the weekend, there is every assurance that the game can be played. Work was started clearing the field on Monday and already the greater part of the playing pitch is in condition.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club