The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, February 1, 1926
Bethlehem Steep Apparently Has Game Tucked Away at 1-0 Until Last 5 Minutes

Stung twice previously by defeat by Fall River in American Soccer League games, Bethlehem Steel lost an opportunity of avenging the previous setbacks on the home field on Saturday afternoon when leading by a one goal margin Fall River sneaked through in the last five minutes of play to equalize the count. The final numerals were one goal each.

From the right, McKenna, during a fierce pressure, lobbed over the ball toward the goal. It was apparently an easy shot to save, but before Highfield could get his fingers on the sphere it sailed lazily into the far corner and Bethlehem's chances of victory vanished.

Fall River had other opportunities to score, in which Highfield, given brilliant defensive support by his two backs, and Whitey McDonald and making several beautiful saves himself, frustrated the efforts of the visitors. But on McKenna's shot, with only five more minutes to go, there was no one there to stop the ball.

Bethlehem Scores in First

The Steelmen's forward line did not seem to function with the effectiveness that has been their lot, but in spite of this handicap, it was strong enough to assume the lead late in the first half and hold it until close to the end.

Bethlehem's score was a beautiful movement in which Allen, Goldie, Jaap and Stark participated. Allen intercepted the ball on a Fall River advance down the field and carried it deep into the visitors' territory. He passed to Goldie, who immediately sent it across to Jaap. The little outside right drove a terrific shot directly at Blair. The Fall River custodian knocked down the drive but before a clearance could be made, Stark rushed in and finished the shot.

Weak in Finishing
The Steelmen were the aggressors throughout the entire first half. Several times Fall River initiated a breakaway, but never was seriously threatening. Allen, Berryman and Whitey McDonald were playing the games of their lives and successfully curbed the attacks of the visiting forwards. When the latter did get close to goal, McDonald and Berryman were always there to give Highfield whatever assistance he might need and fortunately, too, for once Berryman made a beautiful clearance after Highfield had missed the ball.

On the other hand Bethlehem was attacking with a determination impossible to check, and under ordinary circumstances would have netted at least two more goals. However, no one was there to finish the drives or shots were badly directed when in a position to score. Twice the ball was lifted over the cross bar from close range with no one in front to beat but the goalie.

This aggressiveness was finally rewarded when Stark playing under wraps and bothered considerably by a bad knee, slipped through to crash the ball into the net. And this one goal with the brilliant defensive game that Bethlehem was playing looked sufficient to win the game.

Fall River Peps Things Up

Fall River came back after the restart undaunted by the one goal lead, and taking every chance possible, were far more prominent on the attack than in the previous half. The ball frequently hovered in the vicinity of the Bethlehem net and some torrid scrimmages were seen, but no score was matched until what looked like the easiest shot of the game to handle and coming from the boot of McKenna, the sphere found a spot within the enclosure. In the few minutes that remained to be played, Bethlehem again was the aggressor. Once the forwards were through and a goal seemed imminent, but the play was stopped because of offside. Again in the last minute Fall River in relieving the pressure conceded a corner, but the kick was taken and was unproductive.

Bethlehem -- Fall River
Highfield -- G -- Blair
Berryman -- RFB -- McGill
Allen -- LFB -- Martin
McDonald -- RHB -- McPherson
Carnihan -- CHB -- Fryer
MacGregor -- LHB -- Coyle
Jaap -- OR -- Campbell
Granger -- IR -- Morley
Stark -- CF -- Brittan
Robertson -- IL -- White
Goldie -- OL -- McKenna
Goals: Stark, McKenna. Referee: D. Oates, Philadelphia. Linesmen, James Walders and Tom Murphy, Philadelphia. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club