The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, February 1, 1928
Nat Agar and his Clan "Persuaded" to Take a Journey on The "Rattlers."

Word received from National headquarters this morning assures the appearance of the Brooklyn Wanderers in Bethlehem on Saturday afternoon to meet Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club in the replay of the second round National challenge cup competition.

With the announcement it is quite apparent that Nat Agar, owner of the Brooklyn club, who used the appellation of "leech" in referring to the Bethlehem club in a recent article appearing in a New York newspaper, has relented in his attitude and his threat of forfeiting the game was merely an idle boast.

Perhaps at the time that Agar threatened not to bring his club to Bethlehem he did not fully realize that by failing to do so without a satisfactory reason his club would be barred in cup competition the following season. At any rate Brooklyn will be here on Saturday afternoon and a torrid and thrilling game can be expected.

In referring to the Bethlehem club as a "leech" Agar apparently had in mind the twenty percent the Steelmen exact from all the American League clubs in playing away from home. The league provides that the visiting club is to secure only 10 percent of the gate but at the time this rule was adopted, the Steelmen realizing the drawing qualities of the champions on the road, gave the clubs the proposition of either withdrawing from the circui8t or that they boost the ante ten additional percent. Clubs were not obligated to do so but also realized the drawing tendencies of the Steelmen acceded to the demand and quite willingly at that.

With the second round cup game assured, the first National competition affair to be witnessed in Bethlehem since Christmas Day 1923, the local management is already started in making plans for the invasion of the home team. Also in catering to what is believed will be the largest turnout of soccer fans in years.

The strained relations between the managements of the two clubs and the importance of the tilt has served to inspire a greater interest. Work on the field was started on Monday and today the playing pitch is almost entirely free of snow. This work will continue and every effort made to have the field in the best of condition.

As for the Bethlehem lineup, the team the management will no doubt send against the Wanderers will be the same which battled for more than two hours on Hawthorne field, Brooklyn, last Sunday and which resulted in a one goal draw.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club