The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
February 2, 1925
Only Two Defeats For Visitors in last 14 Starts on Soccer Field

Brooklyn Wanderers with their sensational record of only one defeat in the last thirteen starts and that a cup competition the week previous, had no terrors for the Bethlehem Steel F. C., who in playing on the home field on Saturday afternoon swept over the Greater New York dribblers for a decisive 5 to 1 victory. The game was an American League contest, and by virtue of the win the Steel Workers continue right on the heels of Fall River, the league leaders and National champions.

Outstanding in Bethlehem's victory and on the day's play was the brilliant work of Archie Stark, premier goal scorer of the league, who boosted his average for the season to 47 by counting four of Bethlehem's five goals. Stark was in fine fettle and aided and abetted by the clever work of his fellow forwards gave the visiting defense plenty of concern.

Another outstanding individual for Bethlehem was Davy Carson, the local goal guardian who handled some shots that seemed inevitable in scoring.

Brooklyn scored but it was too late in the game and it was more or less of a surprise shot coming when least expected off the toe of Curtis.

It was in the first half that Brooklyn presented its greatest threat with Bethlehem monopolizing a good bit more of the play in the final session. In spite of this condition the Steel Workers annexed through two goals. Early in the game Carson was tested and Brooklyn would undoubtedly have made good but for a brilliant piece of work by Ferguson. Yule, close to the goal, crossed to Hogg on the opposite side and the latter with Carson off balance drove the ball true to the mark. Ferguson dashed in the breach and cleared successfully just as it seemed as though the ball was entering the net. A short time later Carson made a diving save on a well placed shot by Nelson and cleared without conceding a corner.

In the meantime Stark and Rollo had several parting shots and while their attempts went close they sailed harmlessly by. The break came fifteen minutes after play started on a cross from Goldie. Smith cam out to pick up the ball but Rollo beat him to it and before the Brooklyn goalie could handle the artistic little inside left shoved it through the net.

Stark located the target about ten minutes later after a movement started by Rollo in which the latter tricked the defense by passing to Forrest on the right wing. The latter sent the ball back across the goal mouth where Stark, waiting at the other end, completely beat Smith with a deft touch of his head. Only once again in the half did the visitors threaten and this time on a free kick just outside the penalty area which McMillan shot by.

]Forrest, Roll and Goldie contributed materially to the three goals notched by Bethlehem in the second half. The teams had hardly turned around when McDonald slipped the ball to Forrest and the latter took it down the wing and started to carry it in. Smith partly cleared, the ball dropping in back of him and Stark had little trouble in walking it through.

The Bethlehem center forward's third goal was notched in a most peculiar way and more or less the result of an individual effort. Stark broke away a bit beyond midfield and beating the backs shot from about eighteen yards out. Smith, in clearing, drove the ball back to Stark and again the center forward took a shot. Once again Smith's clearing shot placed the ball at the toe of Stark and this time from close range the Steel Workers' center made no mistake in placing it well out of the reach of Smith. Bethlehem scored again a short time later and incidentally that tally would have been the first goal of the season for McDonald, right halfback, but Referee Lowry disallowed the shot. In saving from Goldie, Smith cleared in the direction of McDonald who, in the scrimmage in front of the goal sent a sizzling hot shot over the g round into the net.

Yule's unsuccessful penalty kick and then Curtis' score followed. It was in the last minute of play that Stark registered his fourth goal which came after Smith partly intercepted on a shot from Goldie and when the ball dropped to the ground Stark shot it through. The lineup:

Bethlehem Steel -- Brooklyn
Carson -- G -- Smith
Young -- RFB -- Robertson
D. Ferguson -- LFB -- McMillan
McDonald -- RHB -- Morris
Carnihan -- CHB -- Shortt
MacGregor -- LHB -- Munson
Forrest -- OR -- Hogg
Granger -- IR -- Curtis
Stark -- CF -- Nelson
Rollo -- IL -- Hosle
Goldie -- OL -- Yule
Goals: Stark 4; Rollo 1; Curtis 1. Referee, Lowry. Linesmen, Smart and Orr. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club