The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
February 2, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

24 Goals Against 4
Bethlehem's scoring power with the rearranged forward line which has been kept practically intact in the last dozen or more games is readily apparent by the fact that 34 goals were registered against four for opponents. The Steel Workers won their last eight games -- seven league affairs and one cup clash -- and in this string of victories not one of the teams registered more than one goal while four others were shut out. Bethlehem's high score over this stretch of games was an 8 to 0 victory over Fleisher Yarn. Of this number of games, however, all but one was played at home. The last time Bethlehem sustained defeat was the unexpected setback by the New York Giants. Since then the club has attained a stride that augurs well in the league race. The scoring power of the Bethlehem front liners is strongly evident by the scores of the following eight games.

Bethlehem Steel 4; Fleisher Yarn 1 (at home)
Bethlehem Steel 5; Newark F. C. 0 (at home)
Bethlehem Steel 5; Newark F. C. 1 (away)
Bethlehem Steel 2; Indiana Flooring 0 (at home)
Bethlehem Steel 2; New Bedford 0 (at home)
Bethlehem Steel 8; Fleisher Yarn 0 (at home)
Bethlehem Steel 3; Indiana Flooring 1 (cup game, at home)
Bethlehem Steel 5; Brooklyn Wanderers 1 (at home For 34 -- Against 4

One Break Favoring Local Clan
Whether or not the Steel Workers will be as good away as at home will be determined over the next two weeks when on the outcome of the games to be played will depend the Steel Workers' changes in the American Soccer League race and also in the American Soccer League cup competition. All eyes will be centered to the league clash against Fall River at the latter place next Sunday afternoon when the teams meet in the third and second last games of the season. For this game the Steel Workers were fortunate in getting their first real break of the season for originally the Bethlehem club was scheduled for a dual bill on the New England invasion. Coats was the first club to have been met but the latter unable to play their cup affair this weekend will engage in it next week. As a result the Bethlehem crowd will have but Fall River to contend with. Judging by the difference in the points, the rivalry between the two clubs and the fact that both are the contenders for the honors, it is safe to predict that Bethlehem will have to play before no less than fifteen thousand rabid Fall River rooters. The game the following week will be the second round of the cup competition against New Bedford, the latter a club that survived by defeating the crack Brooklyn team a week ago.

Johnny Rollo Has Found His Stride
For a more finished, clever and scientific soccer player soccer fans need not go elsewhere for in Johnny Rollo, the diminutive inside left, Bethlehem Steel has a player who in his position appears head and shoulders over his nearest rival. To see Rollo in action is a pleasure and the deceptive manner in which he tricks the opposing defense is a revelation. This opinion is not alone entertained nor influenced by a partisan attitude. To be frank, Rollo did not impress very strongly in his first start for the local club but since then has apparently found his stride and has completely reversed this opinion. An interesting spectator at the Saturday game against Brooklyn and incidentally an old soccer fan and recent arrival in this country, spoke bushels when he said "Rollo is miles ahead of the form he displayed when a member of the Glasgow Rangers."

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club