The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, February 3, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

A Popular Player in Soccer
A movement is on foot or will be suggested shortly to the American Soccer League that promises to meet with the approval of soccer fans throughout the loop. The plan in mind is to name either by popular vote or some other method to be devised by the league officials the most popular or most available player in the league, the selection to be influenced by merit. If the plan is approved as favorable by the league executives Bethlehem Steel will undoubtedly have several players in the running for the honors. No other player is probably as well and favorably known as "Jock" Ferguson, one of the remaining old guards of the Bethlehem Steel team. Against the most heated rival "Jock" is highly respected by players and fans alike and frequently have fans partial to home clubs showered the veteran with flowery tributes. Another player who is equally popular against rival opposition is Archie Stark, who if the player selected is chose on merit as the most valuable man to his team, could scarcely be given the go-bye. Stark is valuable not only for his ability as a player and goal scorer, but his always cheerful and friendly attitude among his fellow players. In baseball the most valuable player to his club is selected annually so why couldn't the same thing be done in soccer. It goes a far way to help stimulate interest.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club