The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, February 3, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Usually Some Basis For Rumors
Fall River soccer fans were shocked when papers in that city published reports of rumors to the effect that Findlay Kerr, premier goalie in the American Soccer League and popular with the home town fans, was considering severing his relations with the Marksmen to return to Bethlehem. Where these rumors originated was not made known, but probably were picked up on the visit of Fall River to Bethlehem last Saturday. While the Marks brothers, owners of the club, give little credence to the rumors and issue an emphatic denial, it is generally believed that there is some foundation for the gossip. The loss of Findlay Kerr to the Fall River team would be disastrous, for much of the success of the champions in their runaway race for the American Soccer League honors again this year is attributed tot he phenomenal work of their custodian.

Have Made No Overtures For Goalie
"Kerr would be welcome on the Bethlehem team. In fact he would have to make no second bid for the goalie job with his former teammates," caroled the management of the Steelmen in response to an inquiry whether negotiations were opened for his services. "We have done nothing in trying to bring Kerr here and do not intend to," it was stated. "However, if he can satisfactorily arrange for his release with the champions the job is his. To tamper with other players in the league would be to establish ourselves in bad graces with the other clubs. In fact, Kerr couldn't come to Bethlehem until a transfer was made satisfactorily to all clubs involved." If Kerr is anxious to leave Fall River and can induce the Marks brothers to sanction his release, every club in the circuit would undoubtedly barter for his services.

Was Former Steel Player
Rumors of Kerr being dissatisfied at Fall River, coming after his absence in the lineup over the last weekend in such important battles as Bethlehem and Brooklyn, seem to indicate that probably there are some differences between player and management. In the game against Bethlehem and again last Sunday against Brooklyn, Blair, a former Boston goalie, was assigned to Kerry's job. It was said that Kerr was indisposed during the early part of the week. Also that the management had decided to lay him up for a rest. Fans are inclined to believe differently. However, with the bacon in the American League race practically clinched, it is possible that the Fall River management has laid him up for the cup games. As a precaution against injury with the big cup games on, such a move on the part of the management would be quite logical. Kerr went to Fall River from the Bethlehem team and frequently since then it has been regretted that he severed his relations with the local club. However, no strained feelings existed between the player and the local management and if he should desire to come back his old job would be found waiting for him.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club