The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Monday, February 4, 1929
Canton's of Baltimore, Easy Prey Although Willing and Aggressive Throughout the Game

Experience proved too great a factor for a willing and aggressive Canton soccer team and after ninety minutes of playing in Baltimore on Sunday afternoon the Bethlehem team emerged victorious by the score of 5 to 0 and as a result advance to the second round in the National Challenge Cup competition. Eight teams survive and this field will be weeded down to the semi-final round after the games to be played over the weekend of February 16.

Although Bethlehem was conceded a strong favorite and Baltimoreans had little hope of seeing their best conquer the clever Steel City aggregation, it did not detract from the interest of the game, evident when more than three thousand fans turned out to witness the contest.

Canton played a hard and aggressive game but were tricked in every advance. Especially did they find the Bethlehem defensive a concrete barrier on all their forward movements and what few parting shots did come their way were weakly finished.

On the other hand Bethlehem went out and gained an early lead, counting three goals before the home town dribblers could become organized and then whiled away most of the game by clever manipulating the ball.

Less than five minutes after Stark had made the kickoff into the wind, the Bethlehem team scored its first goal. W. Reid, right halfback, booted the ball through Goalie Arnie Monroe's legs for the counter.

About the same period of time had elapsed when Stark received the ball on a pass and booted high. The ball went over Monroe's head, hit the crossbar and caromed into the netting.

Gillespie accounted for the third counter before fifteen minutes of the opening half had been played when he carried the ball from the right wing, drew Goalie Monroe out of his post, dribbled past him, and shot the goal.

The count stood at three to nothing in favor of Bethlehem at half time.

The Cantons put up a hard fight in the last part of the first half and throughout the second half, seemingly becoming better acquainted with the Steelmen's method of covering the ball. However, the breaks were all against the Canton team and Bethlehem scored twice in the second half.

After 15 minutes of hard fighting in and around midfield, J. Rollo, outside left shot a long one from the right side line directly at the far corner of the local goal. Monroe had plenty of time to stop it, but fell on the ball and it bounded through for the Steelmen's fourth counter.

The final counter was made only one minute before the final whistle blew. Monroe again fell on the ball, which had been booted this time by Massie, inside left, and again the ball slipped past him into the netting. The lineup:

Canton -- Bethlehem
A. Monroe -- G. -- D. McClure
C. Seward -- LFB -- Allen
P. Mack -- RFB -- J. Marshall
J. Lang -- LHB -- R. McGregor
E. Summer -- CHB -- M. Wilson
J. Doyle -- RHB -- W. Reid
A. Nardini -- OR -- Gillespie
M. Law -- IR -- J. Jaap
J. Rafferty -- CF -- A. Stark
G. Kaiser -- OL -- Massie
W. Langenhann -- IL -- Rollo
Goals: W. Reid, A. Stark, Gillespie, J. Rollo, A. Massie. Referee; J. Walders, Philadelphia, U. S. R. A. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club