The Globe – Bethlehem
Monday, February 7, 1921
Federal Ship Eleven Defeated at Harrison, N. J., Yesterday, One Goal to None.

Bethlehem Steel practically clinched the National League pennant yesterday when they defeated the Federal Ship F. C., at Harrison Field, Harrison, N. J., by the score of one goal to none. The game was played under wretched conditions, the ground being a sea of mud, and both teams were completely warn out at the finish. The Steel Workers did most of the attacking but their finish was not up to standard and several good opportunities to score were lost by poor shooting. An unfortunate incident occurred in the closing stages of the first half that ended in Brittan, the Bethlehem center forward and Stewart, the left back of the Feds, being ordered off the field by the referee. Brittan was playing his usual clean game and had the best of Stewart in several bouts for possession of the ball with the result that the latter resorted to rough tactics to stop him and after an exceptionally rough bit of work on the part of Stewart, Brittan retaliated in kind with the above mentioned result. Stewart was cautioned on two previous occasions against unnecessary rough tactics against Joe Morrison and Referee Muirhead showed poor judgment in penalizing Brittan to the same extent as Stewart. The Bethlehem defense was too much for the Feds at all times but the real strength of the Bethlehem team was the halfback line, Bethlehem, Campbell and Murray breaking up almost every attempt at concerted attack on the part of the Feds forwards. The hard work of Joe Morrison and Forrest was the outstanding feature of the Bethlehem attack. For the Feds Errignton in goal and Woods at right halfback were best. Errington had no chance with the penalty kick taken by Fleming that decided the game.

Feds won the toss, but little advantage was gained by the choice of ends, and Bethlehem were first to attack, Morrison sending past on a cross from Murphy. Clever work by the Bethlehem right wing ended in Murphy forcing a corner. Murphy centered the gall close to the bar and Errington cleared cleverly. Fleming got possession of the clearance and sent a fast drive past the upright. Play continued fast considering the heavy ground and both goals were visited in turn and Kerr was prominent with two clever saves from close range. Bethlehem looked like opening the scoring when Brittan received a pass from Fleming but McCrum cleared at the right moment and play was again transferred to midfield. Toward the close of the first half Bethlehem forced several corners but they failed to convert any of them and half time arrived with neither team having dented the net.

Second Half

The second half was practically all in favor of the Steel Workers and the Feds were forced to defend most of the time. However the Bethlehem forward line seemed to be disjointed due to the absence of Brittan and many good opportunities to score were lost. Forrest looked like scoring on two occasions but he held on to the ball too long, with the result that he was easily dispossessed.

The Feds made a desperate attempt to score towards the close of the half and Collier conceded a corner for safety. Ferguson cleared and the Steel Workers once more took up the attack and after the Federal defenders had broke up several desperate attacks Fleming got away on a pass from Murray and he looked like scoring when he was tripped up inside the penalty area. Referee Muirhead showed no hesitation in awarding a penalty kick. Fleming was given the chance to score and goalkeeper Effington had no chance with the shot, the ball traveling into the net at a great pace. No further scoring took place and the Referee's whistle ended a hard played game with the Steel Workers victorious by the score of one goal to none.

Federal Ship A. C. – Bethlehem
Errington – G – Kerr
McCrum – RFB – Collier
Stewart – LFB – Ferguson
Wood – RHB – Bethune
Jamieson – CHB – Campbell
Robb – LHB – Murray
Fides – OR – Murphy
L. Brierly – IR – Morrison
Richardson – CF – Brittan
M. Jamieson – IL – Forrest
G. Brierly – OL – Fleming
Goals: Fleming (penalty). Linesmen – J. Hudson. Referee – R. Muirhead, Newark. Linesmen – S. Fletcher.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club