The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Thursday, February 7, 1929
A Swing Along Athletic Row

A Cup Game at Last
The Bethlehem soccer team campaigned in many cup classics in recent years but unfortunately few of these blue ribbon events were waged on home loam. Last year, when a member of the American Soccer League, Bethlehem competed in the league cup competition, winning the latter, and also in the national challenge cup but the draw decreed that tall of the playing in these affairs be waged away from home. This season, as a member of the Eastern Soccer League, Bethlehem will engage in but one of these classics, the u. S. F. A. challenge cup, the first round of which has already been played. Secretary Tom Cahill yesterday announced the draw for the second round to be played over the weekend of February 16 and 17 and much to the delight of the local fans it is noted that Bethlehem has at last drawn a home cup game.

What Disposition
While on this soccer cup business, it might not be amiss to refer to the Lewis trophy, a cup placed in competition in the American Soccer League. This cup was offered three years ago and won by Bethlehem for the first and last time last season. The American Soccer League already decided the issue and the New York Nationals emerged triumphant Whether the cup will be forwarded to the Nats remains to be seen but it is doubtful if the Gotham dribblers will be rewarded with possession of the handsome trophy. If not mistaken Tom Cahill, as one of the assigned custodians, has charge of the cup and any soccer fan knows that Tom is not any too favorably included toward the loop which the organization in which he is secretary banished as an outlaw aggregation. It may be that the cup will remain idle until some settlement is reached in the soccer controversy or possibly a cup competition arranged for the Eastern Soccer League clubs.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club