The Globe -- Bethlehem
February 9, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Cup Chances Hinge on Next Game
A more attractive list of games than those listed for the Bethlehem Steel F. C. in the next three starts could not be desired and it will be pleasing to local enthusiasts to note that one of this trio of attractive entertaiments will be played on the Steel lot. The mere mention that Fall River will be a visitor in Bethlehem on the afternoon of February 21 is sufficient to inspire the greatest interest manifest in a game yet played this season and will not only attract the died-in-the-wool soccer fan but other sportsmen who have heard of the spirited battles between these two rivals and will be persuaded to attend merely out of curiosity. It is a game most ideal to convert the lukewarm to join the ranks of the soccer fans who journey to the Steel Field. Suffice it to say that it will be a bitter battle from the opening the final whistle and one in which no other contest will equal in thrills.

New Bedford a Threatened Menace
While Bethlehem continues as a contender for the American Soccer League honors it is the game to be played at New Bedford, Mass., next Saturday afternoon that will determine the status in the cup competition which eventually will produce the team qualified to represent the league in a series of inter-sectional games the winner of which will be proclaimed the National Professional champion. New Bedford is a much improved soccer team and this fact became glaringly evident when the New Englanders eliminated Brooklyn in the cup race and as recent as last Saturday took the Wanderers over for a 1 to 0 victory in a league game. The Steel Workers have their work cut out for them in this cup game and will be at the disadvantage of playing on a strange field and before a crowd certain to be partisan to the home club. On February 21 (Washington's Birthday) Bethlehem Steel will oppose Brooklyn at Brooklyn.

> Deciding Game Now For Bethlehem
Splitting the points in the American League Soccer clash at Fall River yesterday afternoon means that the big and determining game probably in the American League race will take place in Bethlehem on the afternoon of February 21 when Fall River invades this city for the final meeting in league competition this season. Ten thousand spectators witnessed a thrilling clash at Fall River and while this number is hardly expected to be equaled in the game on the Steel Field, nevertheless, it is more than likely that all records for a soccer attendance in Bethlehem will be fractured. By virtue of splitting the points Fall River continues to ride at the top of the circuit by a margin of three points. Not losing sight of the fact however that Fall River has played one more game than Bethlehem and if Bethlehem is successful in registering a win in the game equalizing the sum total played will give the National champions but a one point lead by the same margin with a victory over the Fall River clan two weeks hence. Regardless of what the outcome of the cup competition may be no other game to be played this season loom up as important as this American League clash.

On Even Terms Thus Far
With three of the four league games played between Fall River and Bethlehem F. C. the two teams are on an even basis insofar as victories are concerned. In the first meeting at Fall River the champions captured the tilt. Late in the second meeting which took place in Bethlehem the Steel Workers plowed through for a victory. In the third setto at Fall River yesterday the outcome was a draw giving each team credit for one victory and one draw. The advantage of playing on the home field swings to Bethlehem in the final league encounter of the season and it is on the outcome of this game that the league championship will depend. In the last nine games the Steel Workers have remained undefeated, winning eight and crashed through in an uphill battle when two goals down for an equal break and draw in the ninth. Neither team will engage in a league contest over the next weekend, both clubs being scheduled for the second round of the American Cup competition. In this classic Bethlehem Steel meets New Bedford F. C. at the latter place next Saturday afternoon.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club