The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, February 10, 1919
Athletic Chatter

Billy Kirkpatrick, a former Bethlehem soccer idol, will shortly be sporting the colors of the Merchant B Shipbuilders' team, according to reports reaching here from Philadelphia. It is understood that Kirkpatrick has already started work as a shipbuilder and the likelihood is that on him will rest the responsibility of winning the honors in the Delaware Shipyard League. While his going is regretted, Manager Sheridan has at his disposal several reserve players who can capably handle the former Bethlehem star's position. Hopes were entertained that a reconciliation might be effected between Kirkpatrick and the Bethlehem management and that after he carefully considered his action he would return to the Bethlehem fold. Billy, however, apparently is determined that he is through with the local crowd. His action in leaving here is attributed to a little rumpus he had with Manager Sheridan when denied the privilege of accompanying the team on a trip for an exhibition game. It is understood that he refused to report for training wand when the list of players to make the trip was announced and his name was omitted, he became highly indignant and declared that if he was not included, he was through. His name was not included and now he is seeking laurels in the shipbuilders' circuit. Kirkpatrick has since secured his release from Bethlehem and is employed at the Harriman ship plant. The fact that he played for Bethlehem in the National and American Cup series renders him ineligible to play with Merchant A in their semi-final American Cup game. He will, however, be a big aid to the B team in its effort to win the Shipyard League championship. In commenting on the matter, Manager Sheridan stated that it was in justice to the other players that Kirkpatrick was benched for the game in question. He further stated that the other players reported for practice promptly and regularly and had he given in to Billy his actions might have caused dissension among the players.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club