The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, February 11, 1920
Soccer Notes

The Ben Millers of St. Louis recently defeated McKeesport F. C. in the fourth round of the National Cup by 3 goals to 2, and now look like winners of the western district.

The Bethlehem Steel vs. Wanderers National Cup game scheduled for Saturday next at Bethlehem Steel Field will probably be postponed again, as the field is still covered with ice and snow.

Bethlehem will have a hard time finishing the League games if the bad weather continues. Eleven games remain on the schedule, the Cup games will have precedence over all league games.

There is a regular stampede of English soccer managers to the Scottish preserves in quest of players to strengthen their teams for Cup and League games and it seldom that less than $10,000 is paid for the transfer of players who have made their mark in Scottish football. The player usually comes in for about 25 percent of the transfer fee.

British captains of industry are complaining bitterly about mid-week football interfering with business, the midweek games are caused by Cup games being undecided on Saturdays and being ordered replayed during the following week. In a recent game 52,000 spectators watched a mid-week game in England and business in the vicinity was completely tied up.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club