The Globe -- Bethlehem
Friday, February 11, 1927
Term Not Thoroughly Understood in This Country, Even by Many Fans

Like the silvery notes of a regimental bugler calling the troops out for dress parade, the call of the cup-tie in soccer football is a harbinger of much that is thrilling and spectacular.

"Cup-tie" is a term not thoroughly understood in this country, not even by the vast army of recent converts to this scientific and rugged sport. The word "tie" is a heritage from the other side of the water. It means "match." The cup part is natural enough, for the Cup-ties of the American Soccer League are a series of sudden death matches for possession of a handsome silver cup presented by H. Edgar Lewis, Vice President of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation, one of soccer's most rabid fans.

In the cup-tie series the tailender, for a day at any rate is on a par with the winner. Honors are even and all handicaps are off. The great uncertainly of a cup-tie, its sudden death possibilities all add to the blazing pace and breath-taking interest of the average soccer game.

The first of the series starts this week. Saturday, at Pawtucket J & P Coats and Boston start the ball rolling in one of the most promising first round games. Sunday Providence is at home to New Bedford, and Newark entertains Bethlehem.

Boston and Coats have engaged in many a grueling struggle during the last three years. Coats eliminated the Hub eleven in the National cup series at Tiverton a year ago by the convincing margin of 5-3. In their two league encounters this season, the teams shared the points at Boston 2-2, and a few weeks later Boston defeated the Threadmen at Pawtucket by 3-2.

Last season, Bethlehem eliminated the Skeeters in the second round of the competition by a 4 to 0 score. This season Bethlehem has 4-1, and 3-1 victories to its credit in two league engagements at Newark, while the league leaders also triumphed at Bethlehem by a 7-1 score.

In the New England semi-final of the competition last season, New Bedford triumphed over Providence in the Whaling City by 6-0, and while the Clamdiggers atoned in some measure for that drubbing in the second game at providence by winning, 4-2. The Whalers advanced to the final by virtue of a superior goal average in the two games. New Bedford has twice defeated Providence at battery Park in league contests this season, 6-1, and 3-0, with the Clamdiggers winning the only engagement played between the rivals at Kingsley Park, 2-1.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club