The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Monday, February 11, 1929
But Bethlehem Manage Three Goals to Annex Eastern Soccer League Game

The Bethlehem soccer team proved better mud larks than the Hispano F. C., and at the end of the ninety minutes of hostilities Saturday afternoon on a field ankle deep in mud, added another victory to the undefeated strong for the second half season in the Eastern Soccer League. Bethlehem won by the score of 3 to 1 and incidentally in doing so handed Hispano the first defeat of the second half season.

That the numerals of the home towners did not exceed by far the three goals that were crashed into the net was due entirely to the fine handling of Aronauer, the Hispano goalie. A wisp of the lad, scarcely able to touch the cross bar with arms extended, he performed in a style seldom witnessed here before. With reckless abandon he dove headlong into the mud to save shots and was here there and everywhere when Bethlehem forwards bombarded the net.

The diminutive Gotham goalie handled from every forward on the Bethlehem line, but did probably his most effective work when three times Massie cut loose with stinging drives from close range and with no one but the goalie to beat.

Bethlehem fielded a club slightly rearranged and minus the services of such veterans as Bill Carnihan, Tommy Gillespie and William Reid. Among the newcomers to the team was Dick Marshall, former Penn State soccer star, who made his big league debut. It was Marshall's first appearance in the fast company and naturally was unfamiliar with the combination and tactics of the Bethlehem players. At that he gave a very good account of himself and will be retained for a further trial.

The visitors were first to score, notching a goal which in reality was a gift. Dawson, the Hispano inside left, received a long, swinging pass close to the corner flag. He started carrying the ball in and was diagonal with the goal drive. McClure in handling, tipped the sphere into the net when the wet and slippery leather caromed from his hands.

Hispano led up to within five minutes of half time and fought bitterly defensively to protect the lead. Finally Jaap secured an open shot and meeting the ball with his left foot swerved it into the far corner of the net, well out of the custodian's reach.

Shortly after the restart Bethlehem forged into the lead, Jaap cut loose with a stinging drive which Aronauer managed to shove back into the playing field, but before he could recover his position, Mulhall was on the ball and placed it into an open net. The third and final goal of the game was accounted for by Stark after thirty minutes. Taking a pass down the center Stark galloped through the mud, easily eluding the defense, and shot from close range. Again Aronauer was completely beaten.

The lineup:

Hispano F. C. -- Bethlehem Steel
Aronauer -- G -- McClure
Printer -- RFB -- J. Marshall
J. Healey -- LFB -- Allan
Millar -- RHB -- Rollo
Thompson -- CHB -- Wilson
Patterson -- LHB -- McGregor
Mullenstein -- OR -- Jaap
Carnegie -- IR -- Mulhall
Crilley -- CF -- Stark
Dawson -- IL -- R. Marshall
McGowan -- OL -- Massie
Goals: Dawson, Mulhall, Stark, Jaap. Referee: J. H. Carpenter. Linesmen, W. Forrest and Horace Williams. Time of halve, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club