The Globe -- Bethlehem
Friday, February 12, 1926
If Philadelphia Field is Snow-bound, Game Will Be Staged on Steel Field

The management of the Bethlehem Steel soccer team was still holding out hope late this afternoon that the second round National Challenge Cup game would be played in this city, awaiting final word from the Philadelphia management on which grounds the game was originally scheduled.

Due to the postponement last Saturday because of the snow, the cup officials insisted that the clubs who have drawn the second round game make effort to clear their fields of snow and if failing to do so, to forfeit their right for a home contest and submit to a transfer.

Clearing Field of Snow

In hopes of getting the game transferred to Bethlehem, the local management started a corps of snow shovelers at work yesterday morning and late this afternoon it was readily evident that the playing space will be cleared before the end of the day or at the latest on Saturday morning.

However, word was also received from Philadelphia at noon today to the effect that the management is taking steps to clear the field in that city. In that event, the game would be played there. Jimmy Walders, the official to preside in the game, was direct to visit the field this afternoon and report on the condition. If no steps have been taken to clear the field, the game will most certainly be transferred to this city.

The possibility that word will not be received in time to notify the fans is likely. In that event, the information can be secured on Saturday morning by calling the training quarters at the Bethlehem Steel field.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club