The Globe -- Bethlehem
Saturday, February 12, 1927
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Bethlehem's New Custodian
In signing Gailbraith, a Scottish junior goalie, the Bethlehem Steel F. C., is now well fortified for its grind in the American Soccer League and U. S. F. A. cup competitions. The signing of Gailbraith was as a protective measure against injury and with his acquisition the club has available a reserve capable to assume every position on the team. Heretofore, the custodian duties were assumed exclusively by Dave Edwards, who will continue tin the first choice role. However, should Edwards be unable to appear in any of the remaining games this season, Gailbraith will be available.

Hard After the Cup Honors
Gleaned by the chatter out around the training quarters of the Bethlehem soccer team, there is nothing to it but Bethlehem in the cup games. The players are chock full of confidence, an attitude inspired by their brilliant showing in the American Soccer League race. The morale of the team is at high ebb and with the players in good physical condition they are looking forward to making a clean sweep of all major soccer honors this season. While confidence prevails the players have not assumed a cocky attitude and realize that if the American Soccer League cup and National cup is to be their lot this season the honors can be attained by hard battling only. The first of the league cup affairs for Bethlehem goes on tap in Newark, N. J., tomorrow afternoon when the league leaders and national champions tackle the Jerseymen in their home lair.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club