The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Monday, February 13, 1928
Locals Win Hard-Played Game on Muddy Field Here Saturday

A thrilling finish in which Providence made a determined bid to victory in a brilliant uphill battle climaxed an exciting game on the home lot on Saturday afternoon, in which Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club emerged triumphant in the second league start of the last half schedule by the score of 3 to 2.

The game was played with all the thrills of a cup contest and probably even more than were witnessed the previous Saturday against Brooklyn. The Steelmen monopolized the play of the first half but after turning around Providence annexed the first tally on a penalty and forced the issue. The Steelmen were then forced to relieve the determined attack and kicked out more frequently than has been the case in any other game this season.

Due to injuries the Steelmen were again forced to make some drastic changes in the lineup. Particularly on the forward line with Jaap missing. Gillespie was brought back to center forward and Stark assigned to outside right. Walter Jackson played inside right with Granger at the inside position on the left side of the line. Johnny Rollo, sometimes a forward and sometimes a halfback and on one occasion a goalie for part of a game played right halfback in the absence of both. McDonald and W. Reid. The effect of these changes was at times quite apparent in the seemingly misunderstanding.

The game opened fast and in less than no time the Steelmen were attacking. Splendid opportunities from close to the net were either shot by or handled by Kenneway. For twenty minutes during which Bethlehem did most the attacking went without a score when finally Carnihan came down and rather than take a chance in feeding his forwards carried through much to the surprise of the visitors' defense and then crashed a stinging shot into the net, well out of reach of Kenneway for the Steelmen's first counter.

Fast and furious continued the play after the restart and after five minutes Walter Jackson notched the goal that brought victory to the Steelmen. His goal was the prettiest of the game. From all of twenty yards out and when seemingly boxed by the defense, Jackson swerved the ball just enough to carry it out of the reach of the goalie and land high in the far corner of the net.

From then on it was Providence that did most of the attacking and it took the combined efforts of Bethlehem defense to frustrate their efforts. Both Dick and Allan were playing the ball in the penalty area when they collided and the impact upset both players. Referee Bloom awarded a penalty. Florie took the kick and placed it in the corner of the net but for some reason or other Referee Bloom refused to allow the goal and ordered Florie to kick again. Again his drive beat Edwards and the visitors had their first goal. Encouraged with this marker Providence played with even more vigor and time and again swept down the field with a threatening movement. Then minutes later McClure, Florie and Dick worked the ball close to the Bethlehem net and McClure took the parting shot to land the ball in the meshes. Although Providence tried hard the final whistle found Bethlehem ahead by the score of 3 to 2. The lineup:

Providence -- Bethlehem
Kenneway -- G -- Edwards
Almer -- RFB -- Allan
Gibson -- LFB -- McMeekin
Campbell -- RHB -- Roll
Finlayson -- CHB -- Carnihan
Auld -- LHB -- MacGregor
Beattie -- OR - -Stark
McClure -- IR -- Granger
Florie -- CF -- Gillespie
Dick -- IL -- Jackson
Hogg -- OL -- Goldie
Goals -- Carnihan, Granger, Jackson, Florie on penalty, McClure. Referee -- Mose Bloom. Linemen -- Carpenter and Williams. Time of halves: 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club