The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, February 13, 1929

Eight clubs will participate in four games in the second round of the National Challenge Cup competition over the weekend and one of these games will be played in Bethlehem when the local dribblers meet the Walsh-Chevrolet, of Fall River. The survivors of these games will next engage in the semi-final round and then the final for Eastern Division honors.

Little is known of the invaders here although reports from the New England sector are all favorable to the merit and strength of the team. It is known that Walsh-Chevrolet were runners-up for national amateur honors last year and that the team was materially strengthened since that time.

Bethlehem has been more or less let out in the cold in the award of cup games in recent years and if remembered correctly this will be the first National Cup round to be played here in more than half dozen years. During this period local fans were forced to travel to Philadelphia or New York to see the Bethlehem team in action in a cup classic.

Plans for a warm reception to the visitors are underway with players in strict training and practicing devoutly for this game. Bethlehem holding the national premier honors more often than any other club in the country is hoping to win another championship but realize that the grind from now on becomes more severe with Hakoah All-Stars and the New York Giants certain to be among the survivors.

As league leaders, Bethlehem is determined to retain its prestige of experiencing only two defeats since the start of the season and can be expected to present a team of veterans for the cup classic. There was some doubt as to the availability of several but reports at the club house are that all the men are in good physical conditions and the injured who were convalescing are again ready to don their uniforms.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club