The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Monday, February 14, 1921
Eries Win Exhibition Match From Bethlehem Steel Many Oversights of Referee

The exhibition match played yesterday with the Eries at Harrison Field, before an attendance of 4,000, resulted in a defeat for Bethlehem, by the score of 3 goals to 1. The game was played under very favorable overhead conditions, but the ground was extremely heavy. The regular playing pitch, by reason of ice, water and mud conditions, was not used and the regular outfield of the baseball pitch was hastily arranged and, under the conditions, proved a very decided improvement. The lines, however, were very irregular, and the goal posts were not at right angles to the general field layout, so that the players were continually at a handicap in their sense of direction. The game was well played by both clubs, although it was evidenced throughout that nothing serious was at stake. At times the players loafed and the general incompetence of the referee contributed to that feeling. The first goal was earned by Erie, as the result of a misunderstanding among the Bethlehem defense. The ball came across from Erie's left wing and should have been left for the care of the goalkeeper, but the two full backs and the goalkeeper collectively attempted to save, with the result that the ball was only punched to the foot of Stark, inside right, who easily and cleverly returned the ball beyond the goalkeeper's reach. This result seemed to inject more spirit into the Bethlehem attack, so that the Erie goalkeeper and its defense were very busy warding off several attempts to score. Finally Brittan maneuvered skillfully and placed well beyond the goalkeeper's reach, but the ball struck the upright and the goalkeeper, in saving, conceded a corner. Fleming's corner kick was very well placed and was headed nicely by Morrison, but the goalkeeper managed to knock down the ball and Spaulding, right back, in attempting to clear, fell prostrate across the goal mouth with the ball opposite Spaulding's head and directly in front of several Bethlehem players, there Spaulding, right back, in attempting to score and in the melee Spaulding fisted the ball out of danger. This flagrant breach should have resulted in a penalty award, but the referee was entirely oblivious and the play was allowed to proceed. The score remained one to nothing at halftime.

In the second half, the game was only of short duration when a well driven shot by Erie's center forward was extremely well fielded by Kerr, but for some unaccountable reason, the referee awarded the goal, to the surprise of spectators surrounding the goal, for it was field on the line at its connection with the upright and was at all times in possession and control of the goalkeeper. Shortly after, Bethlehem renewed the attack, with the result that Bethune headed into goal the ball striking the upright inside and bounding across the goal mouth into the net, making it necessary for Post, left back, to extend his foot across the goal line, in order to hook out the ball. The referee refused to recognize Bethlehem's claim for a goal. Within a few minutes thereafter, the ball was carried down the Bethlehem right wing and Wilson's cross was intercepted by Post's arm. The referee could not escape awarding a penalty to Bethlehem, which was easily converting by Fleming. The final goal was scored within ten minutes of time on a free kick awarded Erie outside the penalty area. By reason of its being an exhibition game, and owing to the illness of Campbell, center half, and Forrest, inside left, Bethlehem experimented with its lineup by injecting Easton, inside left, Fletcher at center half and Wilson, who also was not in condition to play, at right back. Kerr was given another opportunity in the goal and gave a very creditable display. The lineup was as follows:

Bethlehem Erie
Kerr G Tintle
Wilson RFB Spaulding
Ferguson LFB Post
Bethune RHB Stark
Fletcher CHB Cooper
Murray LHB Blakley
Wilson OR Knowles
Morrison IR Stark
Brittan CF Heminsley
Easton IL Holt
Fleming OL Ford
Referee: Esplin. Linesmen Murphy, Bethlehem; Brown, Erie. Goals scored Erie, Stark, Holt, Blakley; Bethlehem, Fleming (penalty).

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club