The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, February 14, 1927
A Swing Along Athletic Row

One Ambition Blasted
"That team's going to give Bethlehem a lot of trouble next week playing on the home ground," casually remarked J. Harry Carpenter, coach of soccer at Lehigh University, standing on the side lines here recently as a spectators of the friendly game between Newark and Bethlehem on the home field. How well those words are now recalled since Newark not only gave the National champions a "lot of trouble," but came through for one of the biggest surprises in soccerdom this year by crushing the ambition of the Bethlehem soccerites in the American Soccer League cup competition. One defeat and out and Bethlehem was out. Not one in a hundred soccer critics conceded the Jerseymen a chance. On the season's record Bethlehem was far above the lowly Jersey outfit. However, the setback was in line with some of the stinging defeats doled out to the supposedly much stronger teams. Take Philadelphia's double victory over Fall River in league games. Bethlehem's ambition to bring to this city for the first time the H. E. Lewis trophy will have to be nursed until next year.

How the Clubs Compared
It is needless to go into detail on a comparison of merit between the two teams. The season's scores disclose Bethlehem on the long end of all previous meetings by comfortable margins. This season Bethlehem has four victories against the Newark clan, each scored in an impressive style. It would seem that when Bethlehem wanted to score the forwards got busy and did score. On the same grounds Bethlehem twice defeated Newark in league games by the scores of 4 to 1 and 3 to 1. On the home field Bethlehem won a league game 7 to 1 and an exhibition game after Newark had forfeited the points because of late arrival, by the score of 2 to 1. The combined scoring in the four games was sixteen goals for Bethlehem against four for Newark. In face of these statistics no one gave the Jerseymen a chance in the first round cup. But it must be remembered that cup games are different from the league games and anything can be expected. Newark pulled the "anything."

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club