The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Thursday, February 14, 1929
Will Trust to Speed and Stamina to Overthrow Bethlehem Booters

Progress of the Bethlehem soccer team in the United States Football Association cup competition for the handsome Dewar trophy will be determined on the home lot on Saturday afternoon when the local booters engage with Walsh Chevrolet, of Fall River, in the second round of the blue ribbon classic.

Favored because of their experience, the Bethlehem veterans will find keep competition in the bevy of youngsters who comprise the invading force and a team that will trust to its speed and stamina to overcome the experience of the Bethlehem players.

The visitors' defense is particularly strong with John Roder, one of the youngest but at the same time the most Manuel Soares and between the two circles. Roder played with Champion Niagara, of the South End League, in the Fall River section in 1927-28, and was picked this season after much dickering to act as the custodian for the "Chevs." He is a tall youngster and covers the ground with speed.

The fullbacks are John Crowe and Manuel Soares and between the two there is probably little to choose. Crowe was a fullback formerly with the crack Marksmen seconds, one of the best amateur teams ever organized in Fall River. When the seconds disbanded as a result of the trouble between the U. S. F. A. and American League, Crowe signed for Whittalls F. C., of Worcester, where he went big until the team ceased activities for the winter months. In order to keep in condition to resume when Whittalls started to play again, Crowe secured permission to play in his home city in the meanwhile and was signed by the Chevs. He was a member of the Hudson-Essex eleven which reached the final round of the National Amateur Cup competition last season.

Soares, the other fullback, was a member of last season's championship Hudson-Essex team and probably the outstanding left fullback in the Fall River vicinity. He is rather light for a fullback, but offsets this handicap with a bag full of tricks which he has learned during his long association with soccer.

The halfbacks are Tommy Ducharne, Jack Henman and Jimmy Sullivan. Ducharne is a husky fellow who draws back from no one and is adept at placing the ball for his forwards. He was also a member of last year's Hudson-Essex team. Ducharne is a baseball player and can catch or pitch with equal success.

Henman is known as "Legs" because he has a pair of unusually long ones. Henman is a really great right halfback. Because of his build he looks awkward on the field, but he is a wonder at breaking up the combination work of the opponents. Henman also played with the Hudson-Essex team last season.

Sullivan is a left halfback or inside left . He is equally at home as a forward, but shows to best advantage on the halfback line. He has been in the game only a short time but is showing rapid improvement and is considered a great prospect. Sullivan is one of the leading shortstops in the Fall River City League.

This bevy of youngsters will probably face the most formidable forward line in their career. Bethlehem will field its best and when that announcement is made it is certain that Archie Stark will start at this favorite pivot position, flanked by the veterans, Tom Gillespie and Johnny Jaap on the right and Alec Massie and Johnny Rollo on the left. Rollo, who played at halfback last Saturday because of an injury to Reid will be back at the position which he is most at home. This is possible since the celebrated trio of McGregor, Carnihan and Reid are in condition to take their regular places.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club