The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, February 15, 1926
Steel Team A Semi-Finalist By Victory Over Philadelphia F. C. on Saturday

Home games for the Bethlehem Steel F. C. will be few and far between during the next month or more. This became apparent at the meeting of the American Soccer League moguls, held in New York, on Sunday afternoon, when the schedule was drawn up for games until March 14. This includes games for every weekend with the exception of February 27 and 28, because of cup games which will interfere and will be taken care of by the emergency committee.

Steelmen Semi-Finalist

While Bethlehem is booked for two home and three away from home games, this schedule can hardly be accepted as definite for the Steelmen. By winning from Philadelphia on Saturday, the Steel Workers advanced to semi-finalists in the National Challenge Cup competition, and their league games will be governed according to the draw of the cup committee and the result of the future cup games. Cup games get preference where league dates conflict, and although care is taken to avoid conflict, the schedule makers cannot foretell whether the cup affairs will end with a decisive result or a draw. In the event of a draw, the following week is usually set aside for the replay.

However, if there is no interference by cup games, Bethlehem's schedule up to and including March 14, follows:

February 20 -- Bethlehem vs. Newark, at home.
March 6 -- Bethlehem vs. Boston, away.
March 7 -- Bethlehem vs. Providence, away
March 13 -- Bethlehem vs. Coats, at home.
March 14 -- Bethlehem vs. Indiana, away.

Decisions of Committee
The match between Boston and the Indiana Flooring Company teams, stopped before full time, was ordered replayed, in spite of Boston's protest. Likewise, the appeal of the Shawsheen F. C., fined $250 for failing to play Indiana on New Year's day, was disallowed. The sense of the meeting was unfavorable to the admission of an all-Canadian eleven to the annual cup contest of the league.

The following is the complete schedule adopted, the home grounds being on the grounds of the club first mentioned:

February 20 -- Bethlehem vs. Newark, Coats vs. New York Giants, New Bedford vs. Philadelphia and Shawsheen vs. Boston.

February 21 -- Fall River vs. Philadelphia, Providence vs. Coats, New York Giants vs. New Bedford and Brooklyn vs. Newark.

February 22 -- Brooklyn vs. Indiana, New Bedford vs. Shawsheen and Boston vs. Philadelphia.

March 6 -- Coats vs. Indiana, Boston vs. Bethlehem, Philadelphia vs. New York Giants and Shawsheen vs. New Bedford.

March 7 -- Fall River vs. Indiana, New York Giants vs. Brooklyn, Newark vs. Philadelphia, and Providence vs. Bethlehem.

March 13 -- Boston vs. Brooklyn, Bethlehem vs. Coats, Shawsheen vs. Fall River and Philadelphia vs. New Bedford.

March 14 -- Indiana vs. Bethlehem, New York Giants vs. Coats, Newark vs. New Bedford and Providence vs. Brooklyn.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club