The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
February 15, 1928
A Swing Along Athletic Row

The New England Triangle
When the cup committee governing the destines of the professional soccer tournament for the H. E. Lewis cup advanced Brooklyn from the pairing in the Metropolitan District to compete the opening round against teams of the New England sector, they put their boots into a peck of trouble. Rumblings from the New England sector intimate that there is quite some discontent among the three teams surviving this competition -- Boston, New Bedford and Fall River. One of this trio will be forced to take a bye and each is making strenuous objection against such a procedure. However, with three teams in the race there is no choice. It means the loss of one game and, of course, the gate receipts which are shared on an even basis for one or the other of the teams. New Bedford is quite choosy in preferring to play Fall River rather than Boston. The Hubmen do not care whether it is Fall River or New Bedford, at home or away, and naturally Sam Marks being a business man will hardly stand for the Marksmen drawing the bye. There you are and before this triangle squabble is disposed of, some mighty nasty things are likely to be said. Fortunately the soccer salons are relieved of making any such decision in the Metropolitan bracket for Newark and Bethlehem are now alone the representatives of the Metropolitan sector.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club