The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, February 16, 1920
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Steel Workers Sign New Man
In the sporting columns of the Philadelphia Inquirer it is noted that the Bethlehem F. C. signed a new man, which statement is absolutely true and was confirmed this morning by one of the officials of the club. It is also stated that the newcomer has been in Bethlehem for some time but for some unknown reason it remained to the Philadelphia paper to reveal the fact. As late as Friday, The Globe was informed that "the game has been officially called off on account of the condition of the field" but no mention was made of the signing of a new player or the release of one of the stars that accompanied the team on the Scandinavian tour. In commenting on the new player, the article intimates that the team was slipping and that the new men were signed in hopes of again annexing the cup competitions. It says:

"Although the extreme weather of the last four weeks made all the grounds unplayable for soccer matches and not a ball has been kicked during that time, the management of the Bethlehem soccer team, however, has not been idle. Owing to the upstaters not showing their usual form after their recent tour of Scandinavia, in the early National League games, the management has been slowly but surely relegating the players who have begun to show signs of slipping to the bench and signing new players to take the places of the veterans.

"At the beginning of the season the National champions secured Harris, to take the place of the famous Ratican at center forward who is now sporting the colors of Robins Dry Dock. The Morrison, a halfback, was drafted from Canada. These players appeared to balance the team but Messrs. Lewis and Sheridan after realizing that the team was not up to snuff sent their scouts around the country with the result it is reported that when the grounds are again playable that Bethlehem will have several new faces in the lineup in their efforts to retain the National and American Cups both of which they have won the last four out of five years.

"It was reported last week that "Bob" Collier, a famous right fullback of Raith Rovers, of Scotland, had arrived in Bethlehem and that he had already placed his John Hancock to a form. That means either Wilson or Ferguson will be doing bench duty the balance of the season for Collier comes here with even a better reputation than Ferguson who played for Leeds City while a resident of England. With Collier to bolster up the totter defense the Bethlehemites anticipate that they will not have the least trouble defeating such teams as Robins Dry Dock and New York F. C., two of their strongest opponents for the championships this year. Bethlehem has not yet met Robins but they have played New York, which was one of the teams together with Erie to lower their colors in the National League series.

"Blakey, the local player who toured Europe with Bethlehem during the summer, is one of the players who has been given his release from a Bethlehem contract. It is also reported that other former well-known players who have helped the Steel Workers with more than one championship will soon be declared free agents. Blakey only played a few games, however, with Bethlehem this season."

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club