The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
February 16, 1925
In a 1 to 0 Game Bethlehem Drops Second Round Cup Game

Bethlehem Steel F. C. was eliminated in the second round of the cup competition by New Bedford on the latter's field on Saturday afternoon when they were defeated by the score of 1 goal to none. In spite of the vigorous protests of the Bethlehem players glaring infractions overlooked by Referee Lowry were sustained in his decisions and seriously handicapped the Steel Workers in their efforts to score.

New Bedford won the toss and kicked with the sun behind their backs. Bethlehem immediately pressed and in clearing fullback Wilson sent a long kick down the field. Dave Ferguson came out to meet the ball but missed and Westwater, New Bedford center forward, carried the ball well down the field and centered, Marshall meeting the cross shot, and gave Carson no chance to save. This score was registered in the first four minutes of play.

Undaunted by the one goal lead Bethlehem pressed hard in their determination to equalize and in short order forced two corners. However, neither one was productive when both were cleared New Bedford resorted to the kick and rush style and were always dangerous when near goal. Shots from Montgomery and Westwater were well saved by Carson. Maxwell received the ball from MacGregor and cleverly beat the halfback and fullback and was going in to goal when the referee blew the whistle for a foul for a previous infringement, penalizing Bethlehem more than New Bedford.

The Steel Workers fought hard for a tieing goal and the break that had quite a bearing on the result followed when Goldie crossed and Stark headed toward the goal. Taylor, the New Bedford goal keeper was beaten and as the ball was entering the net, Wilson fisted it clear and to the amazement of the Bethlehem players and spectators the referee refused to award the penalty.

The act was deliberate and Bethlehem players in protesting were sustained by the neutral linesmen. However, Referee Lowry, who in several previous Bethlehem games gave a weird display of refereeing, refused to reverse his decision. Shortly after time ended with the New Bedford team leading 1 goal to none.

The second half witnessed Bethlehem outplaying their rivals but the New Bedford team, resorting exclusively to defensive tactics and killing much of the game with their frequent kicks out of bounds, were successful in holding the Steel Workers safe. A clever run by Goldie, who centered and Stark shot, was well saved by Taylor. Bethlehem continued to press and only the great defensive tactics of Taylor, Wilson and Izatt saved the day.

About fifteen minutes after the restart Carson, in saving, took the boot from Westwater on his forehead and was forced to leave the game for about twelve minutes. During his absence, "Jock" Young assumed the duties of custodian and shortly afterward another weird decision was made which was later reversed by Referee Lowry. It was on the only shot Young had to save from Marshall. The Bethlehem back stopped the shot with his hands, the ball falling at his feet which he cleared. However, Referee Lowry, thirty yards or more down the field, tooted his whistle and awarded New Bedford another goal. Bethlehem players again protested and after appealing to the neutral linesmen Referee Lowry reversed his decision. Both linesmen agreed that the ball had not crossed the line.

During the last fifteen minutes Bethlehem pressed hard and was all over the New Bedford team but were unable to tally. The lineup:

Bethlehem Steel -- New Bedford
Carson -- G -- Taylor
Young -- RFB -- Wilson
Ferguson -- LFB -- Izatt
McDonald -- RHB -- Welch
Carnihan -- CHB -- McIntosh
McGregor -- LHB -- Cochrane
Forrest -- OR -- Adair
Maxwell -- IR -- Montgomery
Stark -- CF -- Westwater
Rollo -- IL -- McGuire
Goldie -- OL -- Marshall
Goal -- Marshall. Referee -- Lowry, Newark, N. J. Neutral linesmen. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club