The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
February 17, 1928
Sterling Steel Soccer Player Recently Returned to Clan From Scotland

Back in the fold of the Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club scarcely more than two weeks, Walter Jackson, who in the season of 1923-24 scintillated at the center forward position, will be seen in that berth in the American Soccer League game against Newark here on Saturday afternoon. ,P> This decision indicates another drastic shift on the forward line made w with the apparent view of increasing the effectiveness of the front liners near goal and in hopes of increasing the goal scoring possibilities.

Since joining the club recently by Jackson has played a different position in each of the two games he was injected into the lineup. He played his first game at an inside forward and last Saturday against Providence did duty on the wing.

Johnny Jaap is nursing an injury and will be idle on Saturday. As a result Tom Gillespie will do duty in Jaap's former position at outside right while Stark will be assigned to the position of inside right. The diminutive duo of Rollo and Goldie will represent the Steelmen on the left side.

The decision of the management to lay up McMeekin for this game is well merited for the Bethlehem fullback has been forced to undergo a grueling campaign. Due to the many injuries that existed among the backs McMeekin's presence on the defense was imperative and in more than one game he was forced to play under the stress of injury handicaps. The recovery of Hugh Reid and Billy Allan make it possible to give McMeekin his well deserved rest.

However, there is apparently another object in the mind of the management in resting McMeekin. That is the game scheduled with Brooklyn for Sunday when the latter is certain to be pressed into service with either Allan or McDonald as his running mate. With McMeekin idle Allan will have the opportunity of playing his old position at left fullback instead of right, the position he has played since his return to the game.

The visitors will invade Bethlehem with a much revamped team and one inspired by its recent success promises to be quite dangerous. The defense is well taken care of by Grosz, a big Jewish back, and Cairns, both of whom distinguished themselves in previous games against Bethlehem on the home lot. The forward line is strongly represented with Gregetesky, center forward; Wardrop and Finlayson, left and Green and McGowan, right forwards.

The probable lineup of the two teams follows:

Bethlehem Steel -- Newark F. C.
Edwards -- G -- Murdock
H. Reid -- RFB -- Grosz
Allan -- LFB -- Cairns
W. Reid -- RHB -- Daley
Carnihan -- CHB -- Moore
Robertson -- LHB -- Nicol
Gillespie -- OR -- Wardrop
Stark -- IR -- Finlayson
Jackson -- CF -- Gregetsky
Rollo -- IL -- Green
Goldie -- OL -- McGowan

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club